Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Final Post

[This post was typed a few days ago. I didn’t get time to finish it. Done or not I’d all along pre-planned a “media vacation” and time was up. Rather than submit to further media asshattery I set this half assed draft on auto-post, unplugged my brain from the internet, and went camping. I’m off grid right now. For all I know we could all be dead by the time this goes live. (The 2016 election lends itself to such optimist thoughts.) If something immense has happened in the meantime (Chuthlu rising? Sweet meteor of death?) it’s not reflected here.]

It started when I drove 400 miles and saw only three Hillary yard signs amid perhaps a couple hundred Trump signs. I obsessed over the difference between what I see and what the press reports. (Links here, here, here, and here.) I was also attacked by a Gremlin and the Cubs won. The. Cubs. Won. WTF!?! I’m happy they won but it feels weird to say it aloud.

I just did another trip. About 550 miles. It’s my last survey & done just days before the vote:

  • Total count for 550 miles/2 “very blue” states; 27 Trump signs, 5 Hillary signs.
  • Four of the 5 Hillary signs were within 100 yards of each other and within sight of a state capital building in a blue state. The remaining one was on a rural Indian Reservation.
  • Trump fans know how to do “Yuge”. Most of the Trump signs (more than 75%) were larger than average. Several were the size of a full sheet of plywood. One was strapped to the side of a semi-trailer.
  • Trump supporters know how to use tools and paint their own signs. Several of the largest ones were handmade.
  • Trump supporters have tools & businesses. One sign was hanging from a huge crane. In addition to my count I saw a electronic billboard on a diesel repair shop that alternated between pro-Trump and a snowplow sale.
  • No Hillary sign was larger than the minimum. I’ve never seen a handmade Hillary sign.
  • A large Trump sign on the yard/workspace of a chainsaw carver. It’s good to have the “chainsaw artist” vote in case of zombie apocalypse.
  • A large Trump sign on the side of a gun shop… odd since Hillary will cause a stampede that’ll turn a $700 AR15 into an $6,000 gold rush.
  • Two bumper stickers; “Truckers for Trump” and “Hillary for Prison”. Different vehicles.

This is it, the last post for a while. I’m going off grid while American squats and excretes its choice.

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5 Responses to Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Final Post

  1. Robert says:

    “while American squats and excretes its choice.”
    You funny!
    Waitaminnit, if you are gone then this comment won’t get moderated and (presumeably, maybe) posted. Nevermind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Certainly no fan of the criminal. But I am wondering if this election cycle is no longer so much a matter of policy preferences (my fiscally conservative and socially neutral/leftist policies are FAR different from either HERS or HIS). If he has in fact won (they haven’t called it as of this writing, but the fat lady is warming up), then it is a matter the very real hazard of nuclear Armageddon against a White House Chief of Staff’s ability to successfully execute the shiny jingling keys trick to distract a President Trump for four years straight.

  3. Did you lose your dog, um cat….um duck…


  4. Help! My favorite comic Jeff Dunham has been taken captive by an amc gremlin.
    Can you save him?

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