I support this blog entirely with my own cash. Hobbies don’t usually make money and I like that I can write or say anything I damn well please. One company (so far) has impressed me enough that I happily put up a link for them. I’ve also purchased some stuff off Amazon that pleased me so much I decided to add links.

The Amazon link earns me a ha’penny when it’s used and I took free ammo from AmmoForSale. (Like you wouldn’t?) That doesn’t change the fact that the service / products to which I link are excellent. You should stampede there with your hard earned cash.

(Note! The electronics experiment section is still “experimental”. I hear great things but will believe nothing until I fully test all that junk myself. See what I mean? I don’t say stuff is awesome until I prove that it’s awesome.)

Oh come on! This is SCIENCE and FIRE! How can that not be cool?

Oh come on! This is SCIENCE and FIRE! How can that not be cool?

This winter I bought a Stihl Digital Moisture Meter. Some folks yawn at the thought of water content in firewood. IGNORE THEM! It’s awesome! It combines fire and math! If I could add alcohol to the mix it would be the coolest gadget known to man. (Hmm… I’m starting to think of a drinking game?)

I meant to write like twenty posts about this excellent little gadget. I feared I’d put everyone in a coma and wimped out. Even so, if you are into firewood (or woodworking), and are a bit of a nerd, it’s worth the expense.

(Warning, mine came from the UK. Unlike advanced nations such as China, the Brits apparently had to ship it via steamboat. It took a couple weeks to arrive. Go figure. Also it came with all sorts of “clearing customs” stamps on the envelope… as if it went through the Homeland Security blue glove treatment. Is that a thing? But who cares? Has there ever been an emergency rush need to equip right now to check firewood moisture? It’ll arrive in due time and if you cut firewood you already know about patience.)

It’s a little over $20 and it’s way more fun than you’d think. Thanks!

Go ahead and tune to Radio Havana for the news. It's not entirely unlike NPR and the music is better.

Go ahead and tune to Radio Havana for the news. It’s just as reliable as NPR but the music is better.

OK, so the TecSun PL880 was bought mostly with my own money with some help from a few very generous Christmas “tips”. (You know who you are and you all should be issued a halo. Thanks!)

I’ve been meaning to write about my little radio but got scared off by the people who take shortwave very seriously. I get the feeling I’ll post something and get dog piled when I make a misstatement about Ohms or Frequency or Beat Cancelling or whatever. It’s not a religion for me. I just play with the knobs and dials and enjoy hearing whatever comes up. That said, it’s a perfect radio for me. Also it’s my alarm clock when I travel.

Electronics Experiment!

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. A perfect stocking stuffer for the mad scientist in your life.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. A perfect stocking stuffer for the mad scientist in your life.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Project Board – 1GB RAM – 900 MHz Quad-Core CPU

Raspberry Pi B+ Power Supply (5v 2A)

8GB Class 10 Micro SD Card Preloaded (NOOBS) Operating System for Raspberry Pi Model A A+ B B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 3 Feet (0.9 Meter) Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return

Wifi USB Plug – With Big Ass Antenna!

Pi Borg Plus – Ultimate Case for Raspberry Pi B+ and 2B

Raspberry PI 2 case-Removable top- timber wood wooden birch plywood enclosure

Oh screw it… just buy a kit:
CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

link to

I have a hard and fast rule; if a company sucks I won’t put up their advertisement. (Also, bacon is better than tofu. The second rule isn’t relevant but I’m just stating principles.) There is an exception. WordPress sometimes dumps canned ads at the bottom of certain posts. This is because I have not purchased the “No Ads” upgrade. Those small ads are the price of “free” server space from the benevolent overlords at wordpress. Caveat emptor.

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