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The Party Has Moved On

If you’re at you’re missing out. In a fit of cyber-security and OPSEC paranoia I’ve mover out of the sandbox. I’ve already made four new posts at my new home. Please go to:

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Redirect: WTF?

Technically “redirect” has a specific meaning. I interpret it as “if you just sit on your ass the browser will shuffle you along to the new location” but it’s more than that. All I can say is there’s code involved and … Continue reading

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Redirect Testing

A real redirect page is supposed to go to the new destination automatically. I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet. The new location is the same on the outside but has a better engine under the hood (or at least that’s … Continue reading

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Building The New Cyber Bunker

I mentioned in an earlier post I was moving beyond “free blog hosting”. It bears repeating that hasn’t pushed me out of the nest. They (assuming they have actual employees) have been fine. Their software is limited but it … Continue reading

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Mike Rowe #2

Bill Maher is a dick but even an annoying clock is right twice a day. Mike Rowe was on his show and gave the best analysis of the American education “system” I’ve heard in years. Fast forward to 3:40 if … Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Passionate About Something Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Suck At It

Mike Rowe hits one out of the park. If I had my way, there would be a Nobel Prize for common sense and Rowe would get it. Ideally all high school kids should watch this video. Twice.

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ASS A Mental Health Issue For Deep Thinkers

A hearty hat tip to The Silicon Greybeard for this post. For those of you who don’t read Greybeard (you fools!) his is a blog that gazes deeply into the errata of such things as upgrading the Z axis stepper … Continue reading

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Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

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Upcoming Blog Hosting Switcheroo

Survivalists (a word I “cling to” over the less agressive term “prepper”) communities talk like they “swing for the bleachers”. There’s a reason for this; stories about “Bert Gummer and his six truckloads of ammunition” is flashier than “Adaptive Curmudgeon manages to … Continue reading

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Hunting With The Curmudgeon: Pics

This is Dr. Mingo. I read Adaptive’s post from a few days ago when he teased me about posting hunting photos and pulled a virtual “Rick roll”. What a bunch of whiny blather. Pics or it didn’t happen overrides all! … Continue reading

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