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Garageneering: Time Travel

The retrofit of a decrepit garage was going poorly. The Curmudgeon, being Adaptive and all, realized the solution to this wasn’t in the present. It was with the dipshit that made the mess in the first place. So he retreated … Continue reading

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The Ant Has Been Grasshoppering

Last winter I had just the right amount of firewood. This is a miracle of predictive wisdom in a “just in time” warehousing economy. It’s “working without a net” in the redneck economy. Being righteously freaked out I’ve been meaning … Continue reading

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Unreality Rant: Part 2

[This post was composed as I drove from nowhere to nowhere… and was driven batty by NPR.] A few weeks later I was on the road again. My cell phone rang. (Better service every year.) “Some dude shot up a … Continue reading

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Unreality Rant: Part 1

[I apologize for the overly long post. I was trapped in a truck cab and had time to think. You’ve been warned.] I’ve been on the road a lot. I’ve tried (and probably failed) to capture the spirit of reality … Continue reading

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Wrong Cat

Our main feline defensive perimeter (outdoor cat) was formerly a bad ass. It beat the shit out of everything cat sized and killed anything small enough to be eaten. It was a bully, a jerk, a monster. Yet I had … Continue reading

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Tiny House Rant

I once wanted a tiny house. I wanted one desperately! The reason I wanted one was because I needed a place to live. I had none. Big houses were out of my fiscal league. Why not a small one? No … Continue reading

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We’re Stumped: Satire

This is several years old and just as topical as ever. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit and Maggies Farm.

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