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I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.

Monday Resolution

Whereas shit happens; Whereas there is no plumbing fairy; Whereas I finance and maintain my own water/septic system from wellhead to leech field; Whereas much of civilization depends on men wielding a round pointed shovel; and Whereas a country boy … Continue reading

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That’s Going On The Blog

Two brief moments that deserve mention: Mr. Curmudgeon: “How was book club?” Mrs. Curmudgeon: “It was great we had wine…” Mr.: “And the book?” Mrs.: “We watched a movie.” Mr.: “You watched a movie?!? At book club?” Mrs.: “It was … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Brothers Oregon

In my last post I wrote this: “Ninety miles west of Burns is a semi-abandoned “town” called Brothers. There’s not much there. I dimly recall a few collapsed buildings. There’s maybe a dozen residents and twice as many jack rabbits. … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Burns Oregon

[Warning: I’m not specifically aiming to talk about politics today. If you want that, go somewhere else.] Many years ago was on a motorcycle ride across the American west. After doing my time on the Interstate I hung a left … Continue reading

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Cavalry Pony

I cringe in terror as I post this: “FORT HOOD, Texas — Army 1st Lt. Gina Caffey, the first woman selected to attend the Maneuver Captain’s Career course in Fort Benning, Ga., is mere days away from being crushed when … Continue reading

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Star Wars Movie Review Followup

Someone at BBC Lounge linked to my rant about Star Wars. (Whoever you are, thanks.) This made me happy for reasons which have nothing to do with hit counts. Three particular details stand out: First: BBC is not a decrepit … Continue reading

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Star Wars And The Curmudgeon

A Curmudgeon lifestyle means ignoring big social events until a few weeks later when more favorable terms arise. I just watched Star Wars. No lines. No crowds. Cheap tickets. Just me and the kids and overpriced popcorn in a half … Continue reading

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