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Rookie Redemption

The next morning I shuffled out to check on the “heat tape of hope” on “the pipe of stupidity”. En route I found a chicken. Just sitting there in the snow. As if that made perfect sense. Dumbass! “Where the … Continue reading

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Winning The Long Game

Kids area a pain in the ass. Sure sure, they’re the light of our lives and something our heart and soul cherishes. But you can’t deny there’s a certain level of annoyance. There are hassles from the first time you … Continue reading

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A Mystery

While I was cursing my stupidity for icing my hydrant into a miniglacier, I fed the chickens. Our chickens are pretty good about “coming home to roost” every evening. (With the exception of Fluffy and her small band of Resistance … Continue reading

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Rookie Mistake

The butcher, soup Nazi that he is, is unwilling to butcher the last few pigs. It’s  scheduling thing and there’s nothing I can do. (I should add that the guy is really good. He’s good enough that I’m unwilling to … Continue reading

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Cookstove! Crossed The Finish Line

I am sipping coffee and happier than a pig in shit. Why? Because this is the inaugural run of Betsy… my newly operational cook stove / garage heat source. I couldn’t be happier. It’s a genuine EMP proof, survivalist approved, … Continue reading

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Cookstove! Chimney

Pics or it didn’t happen: The same part costs the same thing on Amazon: (6″ Chimney Pipe Adapter). Given that ill fitting parts foisted by evil box stores killed several man hours I’ll order online from now on. Lesson learned. … Continue reading

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Cookstove! You Gotta’ Be Kidding

No shit, there I was. A custom fabricated component tucked neatly into a nearly perfect 1935 cookstove. All I needed was to hook it up to the existing chimney. How hard could it be? For those of you who heat … Continue reading

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