Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Part 3

America and Russia spent decades poised to blow each other (and everyone else) into tiny radioactive bits. It built and it built and it built…. and then poof… over a few short years mutually assured destruction faded away. The great Russian bear went from impoverished socialist totalitarian militaristic shithole to slightly less impoverished, somewhat less militaristic, somewhat less soul crushing oligarchy without a single nuke lobbed.

I didn’t see that coming. Nobody did. We all knew something would happen. A more or less peaceful dissolution of the “evil empire” was not what anyone expected. Sometimes the unexpected isn’t as bad as it could have been. Thank God!

When I could no longer stomach endless over-hyped and false (or not) polls that showed Hillary skating to an easy coronation, I took an “off grid” media break. While I was “off grid” the long feared something happened. I missed it. I was on a ladder slapping down shingles and expecting the worst.

The something that happened caused no pain to any innocent! I want everyone to say a silent prayer of thanks… it could have been a lot worse.

Weiner whipped out his dick (yet again) and in a comedy of ensuing asshattery the whole house of cards began to crumble. (Which is the proper end state of all houses of cards.)

The propaganda is still thick but it’s not so oppressive now. The polls are showing just what I’d been seeing… not a Hillary skate to victory but a brutal and close race where nobody really knows who’ll win. Meanwhile the Trumpster ‘aint out of the running until the last vote is counted (and the ensuing lawsuits are resolved if it’s too close).

I care less that Hillary took a hit than I care that the bullshit express got temporarily kiboshed. What looked like neck in neck campaigning is showing up as neck and neck numbers. And the Trumpslide which always seemed a possibility to me (and shows up in my yard sign counts) is no longer labeled unthinkable. Which is good because the parallel to the Reagan/Carter election cycle is unavoidable. I recall Reagan was a loser and hapless rube who was second fiddle to a chimp and unelectable because he’d been divorced… right until he shredded Carter.

I like it when measurements match empiricism. It’s when I know the competition is still a competition. Pray that it stays a competition. Forever.

As for Weiner’s weiner… God bless ya man! Your strange perversion is the least awful of the many things that could have popped the seal on the building pressure cooker. Nobody got killed. No riots, no fires, no injuries, no “suicides”, no FBI dude saying “she’s guilty as hell but I’m abdicating my role”, no secret meetings of private planes while Bill is “golfing”, no bribes, nothing at all that nasty. Just a garden variety perv and the ensuing fission of cascading bad choices. Also it’s funny. I love fun plot twists!

Lets see if I’ve caught up with what I missed: A perv gets pervy, and that leads to Huma’s stash of closeted skeletons, which nudges the FBI back into the “investigating” crimes mode of activities (the “excusing” crimes mode was disturbing)…. and all this makes the “the press says Hillary is pulling ahead while Curmudgeon sees no sign of it” dissonance vanish like fog on a breeze.

Is there nothing that a good dick based scandal can’t do?

OK, I’ll admit. I’m surprised. Not by Weiner acting stupid, you’d have to chain him down to stop him… but that Huma was just as dumb with OPSEC as Hillary. Did anyone see this coming? I knew something would happen but Weiner’s dick? Outstanding!

Also, the Cubs are in the World Series?!?! The. Cubs. Are. In. The. World. Series.

How did this happen? I was only gone a few days! If I’d been gone a month what strange events would have unfolded? If a few days can restart the election and elevate the Cubs, a month would make it rain beer?

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2 Responses to Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Part 3

  1. Alan Self says:

    Do not fear. The Propoganda Train still rolls. The Lame Stream Media has yet to mention the Wikileaks emails. They occasionally bring up the Russian hacking, but never the contents of the hacks.  Alan Self DAI Engineering ManagementCompliance Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. Ernest Benn  

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