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Tech Support

Cell phones invaded everyone’s life. Eventually that included me. It’s a major personal failure as far as I’m concerned. Eventually my old dumb phone it was replaced by a “smart” phone (i.e. a revolting abomination of bloated software and marketing … Continue reading

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Admirable Stupidity

Some stupidity is so overboard that it crosses the lunacy event horizon and becomes epic. Money quote: “…but the raccoon became unconscious from being squeezed and was discarded on the floorboard of the vehicle until a short time later when… … Continue reading

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Tagline To Reflect The Election Cycle

Most recently my tagline has been a reminder by George Orwell: “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” It comes from a 1946 essay called “In Front Of Your Nose“. Orwell wasn’t an optimistic … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Last night’s lunar eclipse was incredible. All the conditions were right; clear sky, not too cold, bugs were mostly froze out, not much light pollution (a dark night sky is one of the nicest parts of living in the hinterlands), … Continue reading

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It’s a funny song and all. I was humming along. Then around 52 seconds into it there’s a hydraulic wood splitter and… ouch! My ego just took a hit. Hat tip to Free Thinker.

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Woodpile Report: Backdated Fail Followup

If you don’t get the “Waily, waily, waily!” reference from my previous post… STOP! Drop everything! Immediately read The Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching). Do it now! It’s a wonderful book. You’ll be glad you did. Sure it’s not Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Woodpile Report: Backdated Fail

Several weeks ago I wrote up a woodpile report. It had been a bad week with standard blues music luck and excessive general consternation. The post was 666 words of black depression. Who needs that? I decided not to post … Continue reading

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