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I’m Already Paranoid But “Cashless Society” Pushes Me Off The Cliff

I could go on a rant about “cashless society” and how those damn kids should stay off my lawn. Instead I’ll let Joe Bob Briggs from Taki’s Magazine handle it for me. You should read it all but here are … Continue reading

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Lawns Are Soul Crushing – A Fisking

The Washington Post (which apparently is written by people who’ve never been beyond the suburbs) wrote “Lawns are a soul-crushing timesuck and most of us would be better off without them“. I hate lawns but they serve a purpose and are … Continue reading

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More Thoughts On “Being Revolting”, To Have Freedom You Must Seek It

I felt bad about my last post. It had politics. My blog may not be a ray of sunshine but I try to refrain from taking a dump on my readers. If this election cycle isn’t the shit hitting the fan then what is? … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Z-Blog’s “On Being Revolting In The Modern Age”

Forgive me for falling off the “no politics” bandwagon. I’m only human. Tomorrow I’ll go back to home maintenance and firewood. You’re welcome to tune out in the interim. I won’t mind. Have a nice day. Still here? OK then … Continue reading

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The Curmudgeon, the Wuss, the Dumbass, and the Survivalist

The Curmudgeon: For quite some time our clothes dryer has been on the fritz. It’s supposed to turn off automatically when it’s finished drying, but, like a politician, it keeps droning on well past its usefulness. It only does this … Continue reading

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Perseid Meteor Shower

Most nights, before I go to bed, I make one last check outdoors. I tell myself it’s a last patrol of the perimeter and a chance to walk the dog before I turn in but mostly all I do is peer … Continue reading

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The Joys Of Homeownership: Part 7.02: Coffee Fisking

Now for a fisking. The Art of Manliness, Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee, starts as follows: “Every man should know how to brew a decent cup of coffee….” Duh. If you cannot brew coffee you are not a man. … Continue reading

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