Adaptive Curmudgeon, or “Benevolent Dictator Of This Blog”, lives somewhere, does something, and remains vaguely anonymous for no particular reason.  As we all know, blogs are commonly used only to help restrain an author’s illogical desire to stand curbside spouting unrequested opinion.  Thus, if this blog doesn’t meet your standards.  You should lower your damned standards.

Mr. Curmudgeon refers to himself in the third person.  Unless I don’t.

25 Responses to About

  1. im confused says:

    what ever you just said i agree but dang slow down….

  2. Mark Raby says:

    I’m glad I found your blog, it’s always entertaining. I’ve not yet rebuilt a engine, I have however coaxed a number of autos of dubious mechanical quality to daily service. I have also spent my career as a pipefitter building machines that your average cubicle dweller wouldn’t understand or as I’ve found, doesn’t want to (all black magic and voodoo).
    As for being off line I work a 9 on, 5 off schedule in the oilsands area of Northern Alberta(Canada), I have all the regular stuff (satellite TV, Internet) but chose to leave the news etc. ’til I’m home, usually by then whatever has happened is old news and I can get on with more important stuff. Please keep doing what you do, it just makes sense.

  3. kx59 says:

    I was looking for an email address so I could tell you how much I enjoy your blog…and I found this. I read it to Southern Belle, we are still laughing.

  4. Suz says:

    Hi! I recently started following your blog and I’m currently reading your backposts. I especially like what you had to say about the mosque at Ground Zero. I agree with you 100% and man do I feel isolated! I identify with your cut-past-the-bullshit-and-check-the-logic perspective, but I totally lack your linguistic talent. I’m a bit awed by your mental agility; I try hard to see past the hyperbole, distractions and half-truths used to disguise reality, but I tend to be a little too generous handing out the benefit of the doubt. Your clarity is astonishing, your vocabulary is outrageous, and your humor is going to cost me a new keyboard one of these days. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you, ‘cept I’ll keep my boobs, thank-you-very-much. Please keep writing!

  5. 56FordGuy says:

    I just found your blog, and I’ve greatly enjoyed it. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve got it right.

  6. Weisshaupt says:

    Another Newbie to the Blog. You made me stay up late, and I kept waking my wife up laughing. Absolutely brilliant.

    We are newbie Curmudgeons ourselves, and I am glad that I haven’t yet made any mistakes according to the “Things to know before you buy the Farm” post. We have been calling ourselves neo-hippies– and I keep having to explain.. “I am not trying to be sustainable to save the planet, I am trying to save my own butt. Now get off my land, Hippie.”

  7. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Regarding your series on COGs; I wonder if you have read SOUTHERN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN or WASP, WHERE IS THY STING by Florence King. If not, I think you would enjoy both. Miss King appears to have been a Salty Old Lady since sometime in her early teens.

    • I’m going to use your suggestion and tie that link into a universal field theory of things that suck.

      Admit it, you thought I had forgotten didn’t ya?

      Brace yourself for you might get three, maybe four, hits thanks to the popularity of my blog and my awesome powers of bloggetry. (To coin a term.)

  8. P2 says:

    Greetings from the frozen freakin far reaches of the last frontier.. Thanks for the laughs…. Very well done! Noticed your site on mostly cajun’s blog roll and you can count me as a fan….

    • Thanks. Any compliment received on a day that involved -16 weather and a hacksaw is doubly appreciated.

      • P2 says:

        -16?? Lol. Sweater weather.. But I fully understand the nightmare that is really cold weather. I live a few miles outside Fairbanks; the griping starts when it reaches 70 above… Keep up the good fight! And keep up the writing… Loved the bread race!

  9. TomL says:

    all that wood split and piled up – but are you as creative as these people? http://www.boredpanda.com/wood-pile-art/

  10. Amadeus says:

    Can’t wait to here next installment of Bowling Pin Chicken!

  11. Amadeus says:

    I gotta tell you, I found your blog about the time you started talking about bowling pin chicken, check every day for an update. You rock! Thanks for the American humor…..

  12. abnormalist says:

    so… Where’d ya go? Hope everything is well, and perhaps we get new stories about “Bacon: The Beginnings!” or the like soon.

  13. TomL says:

    Squirrel research shows you are right about the females being dominant while the males are lazy – http://qz.com/798926/scientists-gave-squirrels-fitness-trackers-and-found-that-males-are-lazy-and-females-do-all-the-work/

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