Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Part 2

Knowledge is power but it is not immunity. “I can feel my reaction time slowing, my speech and balance are affected” says the rational brain. Meanwhile the rest of the body is doing the fifth shot of Jagermeister. The fact that you know, can feel, are aware of, and are informed about the alcohol doesn’t in any way mitigate the fact that you just spent all your money and fell into your neighbor’s hedge.

So it felt with propaganda.

Polls showed Hillary doing unreasonably well. Or at least unreasonably as compared to the information I could gather with my own senses. Thus either I’m nuts or the polls are crap (or both). It was depressing. It wasn’t that Hillary was winning; an honest loss is no big thing. I believe in competition. It’s that a propaganda laden mind fuck is different than an honest loss.

Which is one planned effect of propaganda. Propaganda isn’t all about giving you a shit lollipop and making you believe it’s delicious. Sometimes it’s about making you endure falsehood to wear you down. You are forced to listen to them extol the virtues of what everyone can see with their own damn eyes is a doody on a stick and you’ve just got to take it. It’s demoralizing… which is the point.

I was demoralized; just as planned.  I’m sick of shit getting blown in my face: Trump is Hitler and it makes sense that Hillary had her own private server and is a multi-millionaire and shes fit as a fiddle except the pneumonia that she suddenly got two days ago and classified doesn’t mean classified and… and… and… just shut up and eat your damn shit lollipop because it tastes like candy you fuckin’ serf… 


Plus I hate AMC Gremlins.

I decided that either the polls were totally invented (in which case I’d find out in due time) or I simply wish that to be true (which I’d find out too). Or perhaps first we’d have hanging chads and recounts until the right number was forced…

The very thought reminded me that if you elect someone mired in scandal you get scandal.

If Hillary won it would not end for years. Nixon was elected under a cloud and it rained shit on the nation until he was impeached. The penis laden Clinton was elected with rumors of where that penis went and it rained ugly on a blue dress until we had impeachment votes. The vagina equipped model (Clinton Mark II) has crimes under her belt that make the Watergate break in look like a silly prank and Bill’s sleazy sex seem almost wholesome. And she never misses a chance to build a massive leaky e-mail documented coverup where a ten minute humble but honest mea culpa would solve the whole thing.There’s no way her many many many “indiscretions” (each of which leads to ten more) will magically evaporate the day she swears in. No amount of money or power is enough to sate her appetite. It’ll just get uglier until she implodes or Smeagol accidentally knocks her into Mount Doom. Nobody wants to experience that.

My mood wasn’t helped by Mrs. Curmudgeon, who is wise and less prone to overthinking than I. She had a simple observation. Don’t bet against Hillary. Crooked or not she never loses.


So I packed it in took a media break. I turned off my wifi antenna and got to work on a shingling project. Regardless of who wins this shit show of an election, a leaky roof is far more serious than anything that comes out of the DC/NYC/LA military industrial bullshit factory.

Just before I went “off grid” I had a further dour thought. Hillary, who was in hiding at the time, (possibly in her lair being pumped full of drugs to keep her alive while lying on a pile of bearer bonds) was going to coast the last two weeks… unless something happened.

In any two week period something always happens. I just couldn’t imagine a mild or victimless something. There was too much pent up pressure in the air. You can’t write the same article for two weeks; “Trump is the Antichrist and Hillary is now exactly one point further than the margin of error ahead of him; part 7 of 14… by CNN.” Something would have to give and it would probably suck.

Trump would likely benefit from virtually any unexpected event. The thing with unexpected events is that you can’t schedule them and it looked like his timing was off.

Also I wasn’t looking forward to the unpleasant something. If I had to guess I’d postulate another moment of tragic violence; a BLM shooting or maybe terrorism. Ugh… nobody likes to think of that.

So I logged off with a heavy heart…

Next post soon.

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2 Responses to Propaganda Sucks Even When You Know It’s Propaganda: Part 2

  1. richardcraver says:

    Smeagol and Mount Doom sounds interesting. So we lure her to Mordor with campaign donation promises, tell Smeagol she has the precious….

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