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AMC Gremlin

[Mrs. Curmudgeon wonders how I can hate a car as much as I flake out over the AMC Gremlin. All I can say is she never rode in one. (A commenter Rickrolled me with one once. Well played!)] For some … Continue reading

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Flashback to Hell! An AMC Gremlin!

[I fell off the “no politics” bandwagon and was thinking of another Trump/Hillary sign count on another roadtrip. Then this event happened and I was so addled I totally forgot about everything as I drove. I really really really hate that … Continue reading

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More Subjective Surveying

The news reports Hillary steadily gaining and Trump dying in a fire. I just drove 400 miles and saw only three Hillary yard signs amid perhaps a couple hundred Trump signs. (I lost count of Trump signs, a loss to … Continue reading

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My Personal Subjective Survey

[This post late, it was lost to and retrieved from the “cloud”. Also, were we at cyberwar on Friday? WTF?!?] I recently drove from nowhere to nowhere in a “blue state”. Well; that’s not entirely true because there are no … Continue reading

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How Half Of America Lost Its Mind

[Update: Ace of Spades, who probably gets more hits in an hour than I do in a year, noticed the article a few days after me. I was in front of the curve for once? No shit! You might want to check … Continue reading

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The Debates As Interpreted By “Wait But Why”

I recently discovered a blog called Wait But Why. (Warning, huge time sink… lots of great stuff to read! Give yourself time to peruse.) The author took the time to transcribe the entire second presidential debate. This is one of … Continue reading

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Bad Advice From People Who Hate You

I’ve noticed a pattern. I call it “bad advice from people who hate you”. Rather than wallow in the cesspool of election coverage I’ll describe the same process in another venue. Reporting on Papal Conclaves is where I first noticed … Continue reading

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There Was A Debate Sunday

In the interest of an informed electorate I’m posting this clip from Sunday’s debate.

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Venezuela: Follow Up

I know that piling on Venezuela and Socialism is shooting dumb fish in a small barrel but I can’t quit. There’s a part of the tragedy I hadn’t previously considered. It had never occurred to me that a nation could be … Continue reading

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Juxtaposition: Venezuela

March 6, 2013: Three years ago Salon whined we should pay more attention to the epic socialist success of Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle: “When a country goes socialist and it craters, it is laughed off as a harmless and forgettable cautionary … Continue reading

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