The Party Has Moved On

If you’re at you’re missing out. In a fit of cyber-security and OPSEC paranoia I’ve mover out of the sandbox. I’ve already made four new posts at my new home. Please go to:

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Redirect: WTF?

Technically “redirect” has a specific meaning. I interpret it as “if you just sit on your ass the browser will shuffle you along to the new location” but it’s more than that. All I can say is there’s code involved and reading the FAQ put me in a coma.

The guy who’s smarter than me (whom I hoped would do the redirect) has bigger fish to fry than a dipshit blogger. Also he’s somewhere warm and awesome and may be drinking margaritas right now. Meanwhile I’m freezing my balls off in -18 weather and reading obscure FAQs. He wins. I lose. That’s how you know he’s smarter than me.

So I just made a “link in big text“. It worked.

Except it didn’t!

Two commentors say the new IP address was denied to them. Others say the link worked great. WTF?

If you clicked the link and didn’t get an awesome and instant switch to I need to know. Hit me on the comments and tell me. For that matter if it worked fine, tell me that too.

Presumably there’s a pattern. If there’s a pattern I can find the flaw. If I can find the flaw I can hunt it. If I can hunt it I can kill it. Wish me luck.


The wisdom of Predator as it applies to web management.

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Redirect Testing

A real redirect page is supposed to go to the new destination automatically. I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet.

The new location is the same on the outside but has a better engine under the hood (or at least that’s the theory). Please click below:

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Building The New Cyber Bunker

I mentioned in an earlier post I was moving beyond “free blog hosting”. It bears repeating that hasn’t pushed me out of the nest. They (assuming they have actual employees) have been fine. Their software is limited but it was adequate (barely), it was rarely “down”, and they never gave me shit. This lulled me into a false sense of security.

Now I’m finding out how much of a pain in the ass it is to do all stuff which wasn’t necessary in the “Fisher-Price” sandbox of At the new location, I haven’t yet got the email server to serve email, my PayPal tip jar exploded, an alternative (Patreon) may or may not work, and I briefly deleted all of 2015. Nor have I figured out how to set the new spam filters on “execute everything” where they belong. (I’m just ignoring new comments on that site for now. When everything is running I’ll tell ‘ya.)

Everything was slowly moving ahead until I was talked into creating a F***book page to go with the new blog. A few hours running around F***book nearly convinced me to chuck the whole project and become a monk. (Monks drink beer right?) I know some folks experience the internet as F***book itself but I found the experience repulsive. It’s like my whole body rejected the electronic probing of that little snitch factory. If I want someone to crawl up my ass and collect data I’ll contact a proctologist and not Mark Fucking Zuckerberg! Alas, I’m told it’s more or less necessary. Perhaps I can leave that little cancerous outgrowth dormant and it’ll bother me no more? Time will tell. (I can always delete it if it causes issues.)

Since I’m trying new things, I’m also trying to find someone to sketch out bowling pin chicken (freedom duck!). It would be a cool Christmas present to have a “freedom and stupidity” sketch!

The new blog will/does reside at You can go over there and kick the tires. It’s not fully functional but it’s getting there. It looks the same as the old blog because I’m not out to change things so much as to get my data out of its current playpen and under my control.

I also have one success to report. If you’re “following” Adaptive Curmudgeon I have already transferred you to the new site. After a brief period of chaos, you’ll get the same service you’ve been getting. At least I think so. I’m going by the “there was no smoke coming out of my laptop” diagnostic.

Stay tuned as I approach this project with the delicacy of an orangutan with a hammer.

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Mike Rowe #2

Bill Maher is a dick but even an annoying clock is right twice a day. Mike Rowe was on his show and gave the best analysis of the American education “system” I’ve heard in years. Fast forward to 3:40 if you’re in a hurry… or just read this:

“We are lending money that we don’t have to kids who will never be able to pay it back to educate them for jobs that no longer exist.”


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Just Because You’re Passionate About Something Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Suck At It

Mike Rowe hits one out of the park. If I had my way, there would be a Nobel Prize for common sense and Rowe would get it.

Ideally all high school kids should watch this video. Twice.

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ASS A Mental Health Issue For Deep Thinkers

A hearty hat tip to The Silicon Greybeard for this post. For those of you who don’t read Greybeard (you fools!) his is a blog that gazes deeply into the errata of such things as upgrading the Z axis stepper motor of his CNC or how the upper left hole in the bespoke fabricated housing for the apparatus is 0.002″ off center; often followed by an examination of the ramifications of this situation.

I love that sort of shit. In a world where people “just sorta’ feel like it ought to be this way” I can’t get enough of someone building stuff. Keep it up Greybeard; the world needs ya!

“Now it’s time to come forward about my little problem.  Everyone knows there are “fad diseases” that get lots of attention and become big celebrity fund raisers.  Anything that has a ribbon associated with it, from breast cancer to autism. I don’t have one of those.  Everyone has heard of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD.  I don’t have that; I have its opposite, Attention Surplus Syndrome, ASS.

ASS is not as widespread as ADD, and there are no drug treatments for it.  ASS is characterized by paying extreme amounts of attention to things.  ASS sufferers tend to be involved in extremely intricate tasks that, simply stated, require the amount of attention only those with attention surplus can provide.”

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