Redirect: WTF?

Technically “redirect” has a specific meaning. I interpret it as “if you just sit on your ass the browser will shuffle you along to the new location” but it’s more than that. All I can say is there’s code involved and reading the FAQ put me in a coma.

The guy who’s smarter than me (whom I hoped would do the redirect) has bigger fish to fry than a dipshit blogger. Also he’s somewhere warm and awesome and may be drinking margaritas right now. Meanwhile I’m freezing my balls off in -18 weather and reading obscure FAQs. He wins. I lose. That’s how you know he’s smarter than me.

So I just made a “link in big text“. It worked.

Except it didn’t!

Two commentors say the new IP address was denied to them. Others say the link worked great. WTF?

If you clicked the link and didn’t get an awesome and instant switch to I need to know. Hit me on the comments and tell me. For that matter if it worked fine, tell me that too.

Presumably there’s a pattern. If there’s a pattern I can find the flaw. If I can find the flaw I can hunt it. If I can hunt it I can kill it. Wish me luck.


The wisdom of Predator as it applies to web management.

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23 Responses to Redirect: WTF?

  1. Samrobb says:

    Worked fine for me.

  2. p2 says:

    worked ok from the frozen freakin north…..

  3. bobbookworm says:

    worked OK for me yesterday….today also.

  4. NEO says:

    And worked from the frozen plains, yesterday too. Get that yahoo off the beach, duty calls him.

  5. Phil B says:

    I have you bookmarked as Adaptive Curmudgeon and Adaptive Curmudgeon (New) – both work and both are starting to diverge re content FWIW … I see the Pet Snow leopard as the latest entry on the new ‘un …

  6. phred says:

    Working from OK.

  7. T says:

    Works fine.

    So, do I need to update my RSS reader, or is the plan still for everything to continue working with no chances necessary?

  8. Waterdog says:

    The link works with Chrome on an android 6.0.1 tablet.

  9. s says:

    worked for me

  10. Rob says:

    I tried your link & went to the new site…

  11. Tim says:

    Nope. BUT! I’m at work and there’s probably nothing wrong on your end, it’s possible the firewall (or whatever) won’t let us get to you from here.

    Access Denied (policy_denied)
    Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.
    For assistance, contact your network support team.

    I have had to bookmark you on my phone and that’s gonna be my best shot.

  12. Max says:

    You know, you can load up mysql, wordpress, and apache or nginx or whatever you want as a LAMP server on that raspberry pi you were gibbering about not long ago and test this stuff yourself in the privacy of your own home.
    There’s a section in the wordpress docs on how to add a redirect link. It ought to work for the whole site.
    And you’re probably already posting on the new site and just haven’t bothered adding redirects here. That’s OK. I can help you there too.

    Tomorrow, when it’ll be 25 below. If I’m out of beer.

    • All those words you used in the first paragraph sound very important. Nginx and LAMP and Apache oh my! I presume if I knew what I was doing I could incorporate them into a rational thought.

      You’re right; I do have a Rasbperry Pi that cries out for use. I’m up for learnin’ some stuff if the Pi is suitable hardware. (It can’t go worse than the tractor rebuild.) But I think it best to deal with immediate issues in the simplest manner.

      Presumably the immediate solution isn’t a Pi and wizardry but much simpler noodling with some settings in… and possibly sacrificing a goat to the cloud. When I get back to better wifi I’ll read the wordpress FAQs too. The good news is that (as far as I can tel)l is running at full power… aside from two folks who seem to be blocked for no reason. (Any ideas on that?)

      Drop me a line on there’s a “contact the author” form subtly labeled “Petition The Author For Redress Of Grievances” or more likely you can just send it via Gmail. I’d love to hear your advice. I need all the help I can get!

      I’ll FAX you a beer immediately!

      • Max says:

        I commented on the blocking, one is likely due to Tor and plugins, and in the case of Tim it’s the corporate web filtering/firewall setup probably blocking on category. Nothing you can do, but Tim may find that network folks will unblock sites if they find them useful for work. Beer makes work more enjoyable. Just saying.
        On the Raspberry Pi thing, it’s one of their tutorials: Pretty easy to walk through and gives you a chance to copy your existing site and play with settings without upsetting all your readers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I use Tor and this is the second time I have tried it and I got the same result:

    “Access denied. Your IP address is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting provider’s abuse department.”

    Really. . . To whom do I send the six pack to get this fixed?

    • Dammit. I have no idea.

      I’ll look into it next Monday. If you don’t mind, provide whatever details about the location blocked. (If that’s not good OPSEC I understand.)

    • Max says:

      There are a number of WordPress plugins that block Tor sources as potentially malicious. Additionally, a number of application-level firewalls do the same thing. Try it with a common browser or if you’re a geek just hit it with curl, wget, lynx, whatever you may have that isn’t using Tor. My suspicion is it’s a plugin, but if you can’t hit any of the other * sites it’s more likely upstream at their firewalls. Given all the vulnerabilities in WordPress over the years I can sort of understand that.

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