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Failure In Victim Selection Process

Finally, some good news from Detroit.  A carjacker decided to mess with a trained boxer and got his ass handed to him.  It’s pure delight: “I grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground,” Turner said, adding that he … Continue reading

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Chevy Volt: Unicorn Sighting II

Mrs. Curmudgeon was right and I was wrong! She was not humble about her accomplishment. She refrained from tap dancing on my head in joy but I can tell it was hard. I promised to blog about my inglorious failed prognostication and her superior intellect. I suck and she rocks. What else can I say? Continue reading

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Chevy Volt: Unicorn Sighting I

My second thought was to quantify the Volt’s habitat. Shockingly it was not at a political rally, located in San Francisco (which is like a political rally with permanent residents), or in a dealer’s showroom. It was parked at a restaurant. Even more interesting, this restaurant doesn’t serve tofu. Surprises abound! Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to say something deep but one of the things for which I’m thankful is that this blog is not my job and I can ignore it.  Instead I’ll post a picture of “Christmas” (our sole remaining turkey) and … Continue reading

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Ingenuity In The Service Of Silly

Sometimes I despair that dependency, government, regulation, shitty schools, and oh I don’t know… everything… is at odds with the ingenuity of the human spirit.  Don’t say it hasn’t happened to you.  I know it you’ve had that same nagging … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand In 600 Words: Part II

It’s a sunny day at Curmudgeon Compound.  Squirrels are running around the oaks like the little maniacs they are.  The wood supply is ample enough that I can sit on my ass instead of attacking the cord or so that’s … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand In 600 Words

Homesteaders are just as materialistic as anyone else. I may scoff at a new iPhone but if you mess with my woodsplitter you’re going to die. Continue reading

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