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Failure In Victim Selection Process

Finally, some good news from Detroit.  A carjacker decided to mess with a trained boxer and got his ass handed to him.  It’s pure delight: “I grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground,” Turner said, adding that he … Continue reading

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Chevy Volt: Unicorn Sighting II

Mrs. Curmudgeon was right and I was wrong! She was not humble about her accomplishment. She refrained from tap dancing on my head in joy but I can tell it was hard. I promised to blog about my inglorious failed prognostication and her superior intellect. I suck and she rocks. What else can I say? Continue reading

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Chevy Volt: Unicorn Sighting I

My second thought was to quantify the Volt’s habitat. Shockingly it was not at a political rally, located in San Francisco (which is like a political rally with permanent residents), or in a dealer’s showroom. It was parked at a restaurant. Even more interesting, this restaurant doesn’t serve tofu. Surprises abound! Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to say something deep but one of the things for which I’m thankful is that this blog is not my job and I can ignore it.  Instead I’ll post a picture of “Christmas” (our sole remaining turkey) and … Continue reading

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Ingenuity In The Service Of Silly

Sometimes I despair that dependency, government, regulation, shitty schools, and oh I don’t know… everything… is at odds with the ingenuity of the human spirit.  Don’t say it hasn’t happened to you.  I know it you’ve had that same nagging … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand In 600 Words: Part II

It’s a sunny day at Curmudgeon Compound.  Squirrels are running around the oaks like the little maniacs they are.  The wood supply is ample enough that I can sit on my ass instead of attacking the cord or so that’s … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand In 600 Words

Homesteaders are just as materialistic as anyone else. I may scoff at a new iPhone but if you mess with my woodsplitter you’re going to die. Continue reading

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Fallout From The Election Part II: Tinfoil Hat Considerations

The truth (or most of it) will probably emerge slowly and with plenty of drama, like giving birth to a cement block. Continue reading

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Reasons I’m Happy About The Election Part I

As you construct your personal lifeboat you’re better served knowing the manner in which you’re getting flushed. Everyone reading this blog (including my dog) should be making adjustments based on the information gleaned last week. Continue reading

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Borrowed Perspective

Back in 2008 America elected a fellow I thought both unqualified and damaging.  I was terribly disappointed; not in McCain for losing but for America for making what I considered an epically bad decision.  Shortly thereafter I read A momentous … Continue reading

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