Failure In Victim Selection Process

Finally, some good news from Detroit.  A carjacker decided to mess with a trained boxer and got his ass handed to him.  It’s pure delight:

“I grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground,” Turner said, adding that he was able to grip Hardman’s trigger finger and force him to discharge the gun.

“After I shot the gun off until it was empty, I grabbed it from him,” Turner said.

But that’s not the best part!  The best part is when an already beaten robber tries to play Perrty Mason to get his piece back.

“He got up and said, ‘Give me my gun back; I got a CCW.’ Then I hit him with the gun.

Yes yes yes!  When someone who’s tried to rob you wants his weapon back… you smack him with it.  Huzzah!

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Bayou Renaissance Man.

P.S. I haven’t followed up to find out if the carjacker really had a CCW but I doubt it.  Even if he did have a CCW (which I just can’t imagine) he doesn’t now and never will again.   Here’s a hint for future criminals; when you pick the wrong victim and he beats the crap out of you and takes your gun… you can either cringe or try to run but don’t ever try paperwork.  CCWs are for law abiding people and not swine.  Duh!

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3 Responses to Failure In Victim Selection Process

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  2. MaxDamage says:

    There is one part to this story that makes me believe it might be a complete fabrication. They had me until, from the article, “Police arrived in less than a minute and arrested Hardman…”

    Less than a minute? In Detroit?

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