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Calling Me On The Phone? Really? Part II

I recently mentioned that my telephone, which should ring no more than once a fortnight, is ringing off the hook.  It’s entirely calls from mindless political drones, ignorant political robots, and an occasional innocent machine mistreated by political drones and … Continue reading

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Stewart Smalley And Self Correcting Systems

Hmmm, said I. What could have caused the bluest of blue states to put such a thing on the ballot? Then I remembered back in 2008 when Minnesota had an epic 8 month Senate election. Republican Norm Coleman won the Senate seat in a narrow squeaker. No, wait! There was a recount. Yep, he still won. Wait! Another recount. Still Coleman. Wait! Another recount! Still Coleman? Dammit; we can do this all day. Another recount. Plus some lawyers beating the hell out of each other. Plus immense hand wringing on the part of the mysterious disenfranchised masses who seem to vote entirely for one party. How can that be? Are there no disenfranchised idiot Republicans who can’t seem to submit a complete and readable ballot? Shut up Curmudgeon! We’re recounting again. Ah ha! The Democrat won! Suck it Republicans! Continue reading

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