Borrowed Perspective

Back in 2008 America elected a fellow I thought both unqualified and damaging.  I was terribly disappointed; not in McCain for losing but for America for making what I considered an epically bad decision.  Shortly thereafter I read A momentous event that puts the Presidential race in perspective by Dave Duffy.  I filed that article in my head for future reference.  Then I redoubled my efforts to live as well as I could possibly live; if not accepting the slow motion innately predictable disaster going down in D.C. at least adapting to it.

Now, four years later, the same scoundrel has won another election.  I’m, once again, disappointed.  I honestly thought America had bottomed out and was looking to respond with a different path.  I was wrong.  On the other hand, I never expected his challenger to do much.  One man, no matter how earnest, cannot put an entire Nation back on track if the Nation doesn’t wish it.  So the failed attempt of 2012 doesn’t sting so much.  I’ve come to suspect that debts and “fiscal cliffs” and whatnot were (and continue to be) amassed by a people who simply must play things out to their forgone conclusion.  I’d rather not see us all take the ride but that is the apparent way of things.

Back to the wise words of Dave Duffy.

I see the Presidential election as a temporary spectacle like the Superbowl. Everybody is talking about it, but in the end it’s relatively meaningless, at least when compared to youngsters like Jake gearing up to solve the world’s problems.

It is a sad commentary on our times, I think, that so many people disagree with me on this matter. They think electing either Obama or McCain is one of the most critical decisions of their lifetime. They think it will dictate the future of America. It is a “group” mentality that has been fostered over many years by the colossus that makes up America’s large political and bureaucratic establishment.

Well, I’ve got news for you. If you think getting a certain politician elected is going to favorably affect your life, you’re in for a disappointment. Only you paying attention to the details of your own life will favorably affect your future. It doesn’t matter worth a damn who becomes President.

Dave is right.  As a group, our Nation isn’t going to deal with reality until reality is finished dealing with us.  Individually the story is much brighter.  We each have the option to choose to live every day in the best way we can.  I’ve tried to remember Dave’s little hint whenever some blockhead in a suit lies to me from behind a podium.  It works.  Politically, things are a mess but the things I control in my little life are going about as well as I can manage.  It’s a relief and it’s probably something that should have been obvious to me all along.  Good luck folks.


P.S.  Once a newshound, I’ve pretty much given up on most print media.  I derive more joy watching my chickens crap on the lawn.  The single exception is Backwoods Home Magazine. It’s the only subscription I still maintain.

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7 Responses to Borrowed Perspective

  1. JW says:

    LOL! I’m almost to thde same point ypu’re at, besides BHM, I maintain WSJ, and a few Art Mags… Love art.

    • I used to read WSJ but I think all dead tree news sources are fading. WSJ is also too pricey for a gone Galt fellow to buy. Luckily the internet is a decent news feed. Far more varied and I especially like being able to independently check on virtually any dipshit thing a journalist tries to shovel. I’m amazed how often three or four clicks will turn a generic news piece on it’s head. I think this is priceless.

  2. Don says:

    That’s the only one I’ve kept. I’m sure you’ve read both Duffy’s and Silviera’s essays. Both wise and good men.

  3. ben homer says:

    if you like backwoods home magazine, try backwoodsman, published by charle richie.
    its my favorite.

  4. cspschofield says:

    I admit that I was kind of hoping that Romney would loosen up considerably on domestic oil drilling – something well within the capabilities of any President who hasn’t achieved ambient room temperature. Obama COULD do that, but he is apparently philosophically opposed to doing anything that simple, efficacious, and beneficial, or he would have done it some months ago and secured an even bigger landslide.

    What concerns me if Obama’s foreign interventionism. The Republicans are called warmongers, but it is the Democrats who got us into two World Wars and Korea, and turned Vietnam from a mess to a disaster. If I had any sense that Obama and his minions understood the military and knew how to use them I would worry less. Don’t mistake me; I think it highly likely that we will win any war he gets us into in the Middle East. In fact, that is precisely what worries me. If we win, then we are likely to take responsibility for the governance of the area. And I can think of no fate worse.

    Oh, hell. We survived Andrew Johnson. We survived Woodrow “Pious Bigot” Wilson. We’ll survive this twit.

  5. regt2000 says:

    You might want to check out, too. You can subscribe by paper magazine or by downloadable electronic edition. If you are at all interested in solar, wind, or hydro, it’s a great resource. There are free articles and basic info available on their web site, too.

    Be advised that the old hippies who started the magazine are socialists. Just ignore their little philosophical editorial section. The alt. energy stuff is solid gold. I’ve been reading since their first issue, back in 1987. My wife and I will be installing an off-grid system on rural property we hope to be moving into just before Christmas.

    BTW, I am pro-coal, pro-oil, and pro-natural gas. I only want solar so I can have power when the grid goes down – especially if it goes down secondary to economic collapse. I hope to be burning coal for heat – and for cooking, if that becomes necessary. I’ll be glad to belch some carbon.

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