The Unstoppable: Michael Dasher

I’m pleased whenever I see a “CAN DO!” attitude.  That’s why I created my “unstoppable” category.  That’s where I list truly excellent heroes as well as those who are talented or turn the “macho” dial to eleven.

Go ahead...just grab it and show it who's boss.

Without segue I’ll also mention that I’m pleased that America has alligators.  Why?  Because they’re massive, predatory, carnivorous, lizards.  How lucky we are to live in a world where folks can hunt monsters!  I’ve already mentioned alligators on my unstoppable list before.  Of course alligators are also part of the intricate web that is our natural environment which we all respect and Gaia and fruits and nuts and blah, blah, blah…

Add one more element; a kid.  I present here a boy who has somehow escaped the ritual indoctrination of public schools and liability law. The headline alone is delightful:

Boy, 10, drags live, 6-foot gator home from canal

When a six foot alligator snapped ten year old Michael’s fishing line and charged him he decided to hang tough.  The kid somehow wrestled it into submission and dragged it back home…alive.  “Mom, look what I found!”

Stupid?  Yes!  Brave?  Certainly!  Here’s to young Michael the kind of kid who already has balls of steel.  The world needs ya’ kid.  Keep up the good work.


The only difference between this and an alligator is scale and a cool soundtrack by Blue Oyster Cult.

P.S.  Some folks might complain that alligators are reptiles and not lizards. Technically this is true but when enumerating “monster like creatures” alligators are clearly related to Godzilla and therefore lizards.  This is the same reasoning that re-categorizes the grizzly bear from “mammal” to “a half ton of pure rage encapsulated by a fur coat”.

HT to Stormbringer.

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