This Kid Rocks!

Too often I despair that we’re some of the last few sentient creatures in a culture gone to seed.  (Yes…I’m both arrogant and depressed.  What can I say, every time I start pondering the sanctity of man I go to Wal-Mart and the feeling subsides.  Never fear dear reader, I’ll allow that since you’re reading my blog you’re one of the sentient ones too.  Still…it’s a lonely world out there isn’t it?)

Occasionally, however, I stumble on someone who churns out brilliance of such a blinding hue that it cannot be ignored.  This link will take you to Red State Witch who found an eleven year old with enough musical ability (and tremendous multi-tasking) to make my head spin).

Background:  You may have heard of the vaguely obscure Canadian group Rush?  Well this virtuoso takes their exceedingly complex 4 minute instrumental called YYZ and hammers it out solo.

Her aptitude, throwing out notes like Zeus hurling lightning, has caused me to add a new category to my blog.  Heretofore I had only entries for “The Shafted”.   This kid is my first addition to “The Unstoppable”.

Note: I rarely, if ever, listen to music on my computer (being a curmudgeon and all) but this is a 4:22 video that breaks though the dross.  Drop what you’re doing and go watch it. Now.  Or I’ll kidnap your dog!

P.S.  A comparison video of Rush playing the same song live in Rio is also provided…it’s good to hear but watching it is annoying.  The producer who edited the video with enough flashy clip jumping to interfere with my view of the performers is a hack who should be drawn and quartered.

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