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Tommy Emmanuel

Sharp as a Marble discusses uptight gun nuts and ties it to Tommy Emmanuel hammering at a guitar like there’s no tomorrow.  Emmanuel does classical gas like it’s a mission.  First time in months I’ve wished my el-cheapo laptop had … Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Nikola Tesla II

I, supreme overlord of this blog, made a mistake. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Nikola Tesla

Usually I refer to folks who “overcome” as “Unstoppable”.  But sometimes someone is so utterly awesome that they merit “Unstoppable” even when life gives them a shit sandwich, their brain pretty much melts, and that jackoff Edison screws them six … Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Stanislav Petrov

Smack dab in the middle of this global circular firing squad sat a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces. His job was at the command center for their nuclear early warning system keeping an eye on the trigger happy Americans. One day radar indicated five missiles incoming from the US. Holy shit! Mother Russia was under attack! Should he ring his superior and recommend that they unleash Armageddon? Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Understanding The 1980’s (Encore)

I’ve posted five songs from Britain, Canada, Australia, and Germany from 1983 to 1986. See the pattern? All are about the same fear; someone pressing the button and getting us all killed for no good reason. It’s not rocket science and these were not concerns of just a few coddled yahoos in Hollywood. Everyone was wondering when some dipshit would pull the ripcord and send us back to the stone age. You don’t need to stare at climate models and identify with glaciers to worry about getting vaporized by an ICBM. That was the whole point of 1980’s geopolitics. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Understanding The 1980’s

Part of the reason that folks in this decade fret about polar bears and student loans is because they’re not thinking about intercontinental ballistic missiles. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Eddie Alterman

…because driving is art and beauty. A moron strapped in a minivan who can barely point the lever at D and keep it between the lines is not “driving”. That’s a disappointment as fulfilling as a Cheeze-wiz sandwich and as graceful as a kick to the groin. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: The Healy and the Renda

Did I just witness the U.S. coast guard dutifully assisting the delivery of Korean diesel? To Alaska? Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Jonathan Klinger

About six weeks ago an important milestone passed and I failed to mark the occasion.  Time to rectify the situation. On Wednesday October 12th 2011 Jonathan Klinger successfully completed his self imposed challenge of “spending one full year driving a … Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Michael Dasher

I’m pleased whenever I see a “CAN DO!” attitude.  That’s why I created my “unstoppable” category.  That’s where I list truly excellent heroes as well as those who are talented or turn the “macho” dial to eleven. Without segue I’ll … Continue reading

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