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When A Poser Meets The Real Deal

Nothing smarts like a poser meeting the real thing. Walesa has earned respect facing off against the Soviets in a Cold War test of wills that could have gone very very badly. A coddled community organizing egghead doesn’t belong in the same league. Continue reading

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My Theory Has A Hole In It?

A post in which uses Kirk to postulate the inevitability of digital fiction but failed in it’s attempt to use Jules Verne to demonstrate why DRM will endlessly hamper the kindle. Somehow it’s all related to 1970’s big hair. Continue reading

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People Actually Read This: Part II

My blog hasn’t quite gone viral. Nor has it gone feral. But something happened! I decided to arbitrarily declare that it has gone trapezoidal. Continue reading

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In California, Death Is Never Far Away

Plumbum et Circenses posts this: Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like.  A warning printed on plywood that sawdust causes cancer in California.  Sawdust = death!?! Actually this shouldn’t surprise me.  California exists to give the rest of us something … Continue reading

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Adapt Or Die

“You want me to put my wallet back in my pocket and go home?”


“You’re serious?”


“You’re doomed.” Continue reading

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People Actually Read This!

I’m used to obscurity. I expected a few people would read my post, nobody would comment, and my dog would pee on my shoe.

Instead, something unusual happened. I got a bunch of hits. Continue reading

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Coffee: Now With Additional Awesome

The lovely and talented Mrs. Curmudgeon has given me a gift. This is my mug.  You can’t have it.  If you want one get your own.

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