Happy Independence Day

Don’t let the whiners and their creeping weakness get to you.  Our nation is just as awesome as ever.

I have no idea of the ultimate source of this image. I like to think Uncle Sam ventured to hell and carved it on the skull of Stalin’s soul; before coming back for a frosty brew and a fireworks display. I simply linked to where I found it.

From WWII. In keeping with our capitalist nation, this poster is for sale. In keeping with tradition, I don’t get squat if you buy it. Linked to seller.

Of course, my all time favorite, Rosie the Riveter. You tell ’em Rosie!

Make noise and celebrate, for today we commemorate a most improbable event.  A bunch of rednecks bumpkins told the most powerful Monarch in Europe to get off the damn lawn.  Once they survived that little roll of the dice they created the freest nation on earth.

While you’re pondering that, go read the Declaration Of Independence (it’s short, it won’t kill you).  Feel the tone of it.  The folks who wrote it were not interested in consensus, appeasement, or avoiding conflict.

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9 Responses to Happy Independence Day

  1. Weisshaupt says:

    The Greatest Nation on Earth couldn’t tax you if you decided to not buy those posters or for refusing to reading the Declaration. This one can. That isn’t whining. Its fact. The people who wrote that document would be back in the streets with their muskets RIGHT NOW. . Us? Apparently we have better things to do, that apparently involve avoiding conflict and appeasing the new slave masters. The Republic is dead. The zombie before you knows and cares nothing for freedom. It “cares” for the “community” and if you aren’t part of the community, you will be taxed to death. The only way to fix this now is an amendment declaring that taxation cannot be used to compel or discourage behavior, and with 1/2 of the country belonging to the zombie hoard and fervently hoping to be subjugated and told how to live, an amendment is not forthcoming–and even if it were, the Supreme Court would twist the meaning to one they could live with. When I hear the first gunshot fired at these villains, then I will believe there is hope, and not one second before. So today raise your glass to a good run, say a prayer that God will forgive us for letting the freedom he granted us to slip away , and make sure your children understand the Declaration and what it means, so maybe, one day, someone will remember.

    • Umm… yeah things suck in many ways but lets not go overboard; at least today. Among the many steps backward are others in the right direction. There’s still beer in my fridge (illegal during prohibition), fireworks in the air (illegal in lots of places but nobody cares), my car exceeds 55 MPH (illegal in the 1970’s), the Dept. of Ag. hasn’t yet registered my chickens, Ralph Nader hasn’t outlawed my chainsaw, the EPA hasn’t stamped out my woodstove, comedians can still ridicule the president, PETA didn’t stop me from going fishing today, they haven’t (yet) seized my 401(k), I still have incandescent bulbs, and I can carry concealed (illegal most everywhere a decade ago). I’m typing a blog, using Linux, my dog is happy, and Stalin hasn’t hauled me off for re-education. It could be worse. It may get worse. But it’s not all ashes and misery yet. Today is a day to relax. Zombies can wait until tomorrow.

      • Joe in PNG says:

        The problem in 1776 was that everything they were fighting against was stuff that was levyed without the consent of the American peoples- we did not elect the King and Parlament of England. Thus the cry of “No taxation without representation”.

        Today, on the other hand, the American People DID elect the current clowns. The reason for the taxes and regulations you find so onerous is because YOUR fellow Americans want them. And that is a whole nother ball of trouble.

  2. doubletrouble says:

    Happy ID to you AC.
    We had a small gathering, fired the cannon a few times, & read (aloud) the Declaration.
    Seemed right.

  3. Hope you had a great Independence Day in the greatest nation on earth, AC! I did, and now I’m trying to decide if this weekend I should go fly my led-added fuel-burning no-trackable-electronics airplane in this heat, or go shoot my favorite personally-owned handguns (one with a high-capacity magazine, the other a beautiful revolver) in an air-conditioned range. Either way, afterward I’m going to choose of my own free will whether I’ll have ice cream alone, or float it in as much root beer soda as i want – with no regard to the government.

    I love the sound and sights of fireworks going off all over the neighborhood; everyone should practice a bit of mass civil disobedience now and then, to keep their hand and their hearts in.

  4. cspschofield says:

    I truly believe that the whiners are in for a brisk sodomizing, and soon. What I see, bouncing down the pike like a huge spiked ball in an Indiana Jones knock-off, is the dawn of American Imperialism. It will start with a terrorist attack. A serious one. 9/11 wan’t serious; it killed less than 4000 people. I spent the next 10 years listening to my Liberal acquaintance asserting that America had lashed out in unreasoning anger. That is absurd; Mecca does not YET glow in the dark. A serious attack will be one that runs a death count into at least five figures. Say, the detonation of a fuel-air bomb in Detroit (where there is functionally no government, so nobody to interfere). At terror attack that leveled Detroit would kill maybe 100,000 people, do us virtually no economic damage whatsoever, and thoroughly enrage the American People.

    Let us really lose our collective temper, and life will get very unpleasant in the middle east. We took down Iraq, the fourth largest army in the world (as the Liberal Media took such pains to remind us) in two weeks with less than a quarter of a million troops. With the kind of army we would have if we geared up to WWII levels (which would STILL be only 40% of industry devoted to the war), we could take down every nation state in the area, plus anybody who really annoyed us in Europe (I’m looking at YOU, France) in one fifteen minute coffee break. Get us REALLY angry and all the twits who spent Bush’s entire term bitching about Fascism will get to contemplate REAL Fascism from inside a cell. And whines about seeing their ACLU lawyers will be answered with the statement “What’s the problem with that? He’s in the cell on your right.”

    I’m not really looking forward to this. I think that in the long run Imperialism will be as bad for us as it was for Rome. But I will certainly enjoy watching all the accusations the Twit Left made against mild mannered men like Reagan and Bush(x2) come true for them.


  5. Joe in PNG says:

    To really appreciate what we have in the USA, one needs to live outside of it for a while.

  6. AuricTech says:

    I trust you’ve seen Governor Jan Brewer’s version of Rosie the Riveter?

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