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Hey Pass Me A Beer


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Obamacare Bingo II: Justifying Whatever The Hell Feels Good

[Editor’s note: this was supposed to go live before the Supreme’s made their announcement.  So much for my scheduling program…] The Supreme Court is inches away from deep sixing the whole Obamacare debacle. Wow! Dare I hope? No! The Supremes … Continue reading

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Obamacare Bingo I

A blog was not my first idea. My first idea was Obamacare Bingo. I made cards with some of the most insane predictions I could imagine. Off the wall, batshit crazy, utterly unhinged, “unexpected consequences” of socialized medicine. Continue reading

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I Learn Something New Every Day

Apparently I’m a fool. From the middle of nowhere comes a bit of trivia about which I’d been woefully misinformed. Continue reading

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Baseball Is Federal II

In 2010 I’d had enough of the Congressional tittering flapdoodle as they tried (for reasons beyond logic or responsibility) to address the most important issue of the day; doping in baseball. Quoth the Curmudgeon: “Roger Clemens.  You are hereby recognized … Continue reading

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Daily Dose Of Redneck

The following video is posted without comment:

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Tree Talk

“I am man.” I addressed the tree. “I have an oversized turbo charged simian brain. It has one purpose…to dominate everything. I’m on the top of the food chain because I damn well belong there. I have a powersaw. I have opposable thumbs. My species invented beer, nuclear weapons, and ice hockey. We cannot be defeated. I’m going to find your weakness, I’m going to exploit it, and I’m going to win!” Continue reading

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