Look Behind You! Please?

Let’s see if I can sum up today’s news:

  1. The debt is $15,708,935,876,345.97
  2. The president, who is up for re-election, has no intention of addressing #1.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

It’s time for….drumroll please….misdirection!

How about making Catholics pay for birth control despite deep moral reservations?

If she thinks a $20 prescription is a big deal, wait until she figures out her share of the national debt is over $50,000.00. Or are Georgetown law students unschooled in comparative math?

What?  That one’s over already?  How about Romney putting a dog on the roof?

You tied a dog to your car dumbass. That’s going to totally hose your presidential bid in a couple of decades… well unless you’re running against a guy who ate one; but what are the odds of that?

Oh good grief.  He really ate one?  So much for that line of attack.  OK fine.  Let’s turn to the classics.  Can’t we just tie the Republicans to a lunatic?

The urgent issue of the day: rock stars occasionally shoot their mouth off.

What?  People aren’t particularly shocked when a rocker nicknamed “the motor city madman” says things that are modestly unusual?  Really?

Wait!  I’ve got it.  Gay sex!

Fiscal issues? Forget about that! Look at this! Everyone just look at this thing here which is totally a big deal and far more important than any other pressing matters.

Yes, a really important emergency announcement of a personal opinion on gay marriage is just what this nation needs.  Because nothing addresses $138,000 in debt per taxpayer like defining social policy!  Yeah!

So there you have it.  After two years of “evolution” in thinking the president came up with this really earth shattering important thing to do which has nothing to do with that tiny irrelevant issue of a mere $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt.  He also asked his kids what they thought because nothing says “ability to make tough decisions” like consulting your 13 year old daughter about social policy.

Vladimir Putin does not consult the opinion of youths in the matter of gay sex.

Brace yourself folks.  The misdirection is only starting.  We’re going to live in a torrent of irrelevancy from now until November.

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5 Responses to Look Behind You! Please?

  1. bluesun says:

    I’ve already decided that I’m going to try to not pay attention to any of the presidential crap. It’s all sound and fury…

  2. cspschofield says:

    Obama’s best hope for the future would seem to be to lose by a small enough margin that he is enshrined as The Great Might Have Been. That way he can rake in the speaking fees for the rest of his silly life. Otherwise he’ll be reduced to the Jimmy Carter option; screwing up houses for Habitat For Humanity, publishing memoirs that nobody will admit to reading, and interfering with international diplomacy in the hopes that somebody will notice him.

    And that’s if he WINS.

    • Tam says:

      The fact that every single Republican who had a hope in hell of winning decided to sit this one out, leaving the field to the egomaniacs and Don Quixote, tells me everything I need to know about our economic prospects for the immediate future.

      • cspschofield says:

        The thing that gets me is, what’s so hard about running against Obamaramadingdong? Hold a press conference where you say “If elected, I will rescind all executive orders that hinder drilling for oil in United States territory, work with my party in Congress to streamline approval of permits, and generally tell the Sierra Club to pound sand.”

        It wouldn’t solve ALL out economic woes, but it sure would be a terrific start.

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