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Apparently I’ve Stepped In It: Doubling Down

I was told by several people that I should drop this whole subject. They were wise. I am ignoring their counsel. Continue reading

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2012 Cassandra Report IV: Predictions 35-45

The problem with prognostication is not the risk of being wrong, it’s the frustration if you’re right but still have to sit through the train wreck.  However, it is universal law that you must put your words on the record … Continue reading

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Irrelevant Maneater Story

I have a two part theory about hitch hikers. Part one is that each hitchhiker has a non-zero and surprisingly high probability of being the psychotic murderous love child of Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson. When you pick one up you’re taking an unknowable risk. Part two is that walking sucks. I’ve hitchhiked myself when all else failed. Despite the fact that I look like Attila the Hun and have the personality of Stalin with PMS, people have stopped for me. I’ve always been grateful. Continue reading

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Rosen/Romney Knock It Off

The following statement is true: A person who has never worked for someone else to draw a paycheck is largely unaware of what it’s like. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Stanislav Petrov

Smack dab in the middle of this global circular firing squad sat a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces. His job was at the command center for their nuclear early warning system keeping an eye on the trigger happy Americans. One day radar indicated five missiles incoming from the US. Holy shit! Mother Russia was under attack! Should he ring his superior and recommend that they unleash Armageddon? Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Understanding The 1980’s (Encore)

I’ve posted five songs from Britain, Canada, Australia, and Germany from 1983 to 1986. See the pattern? All are about the same fear; someone pressing the button and getting us all killed for no good reason. It’s not rocket science and these were not concerns of just a few coddled yahoos in Hollywood. Everyone was wondering when some dipshit would pull the ripcord and send us back to the stone age. You don’t need to stare at climate models and identify with glaciers to worry about getting vaporized by an ICBM. That was the whole point of 1980’s geopolitics. Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Understanding The 1980’s

Part of the reason that folks in this decade fret about polar bears and student loans is because they’re not thinking about intercontinental ballistic missiles. Continue reading

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Keg Memories

I loved it. I had hijacked the technology of frat house douchebags and planted it in the home of a respectable employed adult family man. I had broken the code! Continue reading

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Don’t Mourn The Loss Of The Worst

I frame it optimistically. They had to level up sooner or later. They’ll either get it done asap or they were a waste of time and money (at best) and should be cut from the rolls before we send good money after bad. Win, win! I wish them luck in the test and if they fail I hope they like whatever alternative career they choose. Continue reading

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The Null Post

The Internet is apparently down (or running at 300 baud) for an oil change and radiator flush. Either that or the entire grid has collapsed and taken western civilization with it. If it’s the latter I’m not going to sweat … Continue reading

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