Baseball Is Federal II

In 2010 I’d had enough of the Congressional tittering flapdoodle as they tried (for reasons beyond logic or responsibility) to address the most important issue of the day; doping in baseball. Quoth the Curmudgeon:

“Roger Clemens.  You are hereby recognized as an unfortunate victim of a Congressional shafting.”

Well it’s two years later.  Congress has yet to pass a proper budget, the Federal debt is now $15,802,157,239,345.78, nobody sane owns a Volt, Solyndra never paid back my $8.79, Greece is having tantrums, and…  Roger Clemens is a free man.  Excellent choice of priorities you elected congressweasels; would you like some salt for that wound you’ve self inflicted?

Comin’ right up:

“With Monday’s acquittal of charges that Clemens lied to Congress in 2008 when he insisted he never used performance-enhancing drugs during his 24-year big league career, Americans across all boundaries came together as one. Republicans and Democrats, tea partiers and Occupiers, Christians and Jews, blacks and whites, dog lovers and cat lovers, nuns and death row inmates — all could hold hands and sing in one loud, harmonious voice, ‘What the hell is our government doing?'”

By the way I’d like to take a moment to reflect on our system of justice.  Roger Clemens was spared because he had a fair trial by jury.  A full thundering herd of farcical yahoos in suits decided a dopehead baseball player was an easy target for legalistic bullying but a “jury of his peers” cut the shit and told them to mind their own business.  It took an act of congress to hose Clemens.  It took 12 jurors to straighten that business out good and solid.  Sometimes the system works just right.

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