Baseball is Federal

Baseball is fun.

Let me get this straight; Roger Clemens has to defend himself against criminal charges from his testimony before Congress?

  1. Congress should not be involved in baseball.  They supposedly have day jobs.
  2. Does this mean that Congressional testimony which turns out to be a lie is criminally prosecutable?  Hurray!  I expect the floggings to begin.  Lets start with everything uttered aloud to support the stimulus package and then move on to the shocking revelation that Obamacare might not save money.  I’ll bring popcorn!

Roger Clemens.  You are hereby recognized as an unfortunate victim of a Congressional shafting.

(Photo source here.)

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2 Responses to Baseball is Federal

  1. skippystalin says:

    I actually wrote about this when Clemens was hauled before the House, but I’m too lazy to haul out the link from my old blog. It was an odd, if cynically entertaining, spectacle watching geriatric fanboys of a boring sport preening and stating the fucking obvious.

    On the other hand, Major League Baseball has a federal anti-trust exemption and their ridiculous stadiums are supported with taxpayer dollars at the state and local level. That, along with the Commerce Clause, are the thin reeds by which congressional oversight is justified. Although why a child’s game in which nothing ever happens requires oversight is beyond me.

    Having said that, there are benefits to lying to Congress. Oliver North did it, and he got to run for the United States Senate and host innumerable radio and television shows. Every one of the Watergate defendents who lied got lucrative book contracts.

    It’s a pretty good gig if you can get it.

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