It’s Officially Winter

Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about may need to review the unassailable logic behind my verdict but the fact is clear…it’s officially winter!

Trucks have broken though in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Click the link and send some traffic to this site or they'll probably have lawyers flaw me alive. And yes I think it's fair use to link but then again I fear nothing, not even death, like amoral lawyers.

I’d like to congratulate State DNR spokesman Edward Culhane for stepping back from the abyss.  His quote started as follows:

“As far as the DNR is concerned, all lake and river ice is risky (to drive on), especially early in the year when ice is still forming,” Culhane said.

Which I interpret to mean “Wear a life vest on a glacier”.  But then he added:

“People really need to use common sense and check local conditions.”

An appeal to common sense?  I believe my optimism just grew two sizes.

For those of you who need to see the dying of the light that is a sinking truck I’ve included the following video (it’s from this spring but it captures the feeling quite effectively).  Warning, any man out there can tell you how much a truck can mean to a man; you may feel suicidal after watching this video.  Women will, of course, have no idea why a person would either drive on the ice or grieve for a truck that sinks under it…I suppose that’s part of the inexplicable mystery that makes the fairer sex so attractive.

You may return to your regularly scheduled Christmas orgy of consumerism meditations now.

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