Ethics And Taxes

I’ve already written about the craptacular “tax compromise” but I decided to check the history leading up to the current mess.  Back in 2008 Obama wasn’t interested in extending the Bush Tax cuts:

Obama has no plans to extend the Bush tax cuts beyond their expiration date…

Specifically he didn’t want to extend Bush Tax cuts to “rich bastards” who “make more than they should” and are “interfering with the glorious equalization plans of the State”.  (OK I’m paraphrasing; I believe he set the limit at $250,000 per year and kept the rhetorical flourishes to himself).  It was a talking point that Obama used against McCain:

Obama says McCain wants to continue Bush administration policies, noting that McCain had voted against the Bush tax cuts but then embraced them as he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here’s the money quote from 2008.

“John McCain likes to talk about fiscal responsibility, but there is no doubt that his proposals blow a hole through the budget,” Obama said.

Lets review.

What did he say it would do on September 7th, 2008?

“…blow a hole through the budget,” Obama said.

What did he say on December 9th, 2010?

“…this agreement would boost economic growth in the coming years and has the potential to create millions of jobs,” Obama said.

But remember…this is all someone else’s fault

“I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.”
Barack Obama

He took the national debt which was “foisted” on him and will not merely gift wrap it but bloat it to heretofore unseen numbers.  I hope his successors thank him adequately.

Hat tip to Captain Capitalism for encouraging me to sniff around for fun quotes.

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