Joe Biden Is A Tool

“Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.”

Joe Biden, October 26, 2010

I want to know just two things.  First; how can a grown man, who presumably has at least enough brain function to exceed vegetative or comatose, make such a statement?  Second; who let him speak aloud without adult supervision?

Pull my finger.

I’d comment further on Al Gore’s Internet but I’ll have to stop because it’s dark.  Apparently Tomas Edison’s private R & D funds couldn’t have made electric lights.  Like reason and forethought they must not exist in Joe Biden’s world.

(Note: I refused to believe anyone would say such a dumbass thing without verification.  Sadly, I found references in the New York Times and the Washington Post (in a delightful article by George Will) so it’s not a hoax.  Amusingly, Biden predicted that the Democrats would win the House in the November 2nd elections in the same speech…way to swing for the bleachers brainiac.)

(Note: Photo from an unrelated blog article describing another of Biden’s brilliant statements in 2009.  Click the link to dissuade you of any notion that Biden’s recent stupidity was a one off event.)

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