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Zombie Christmas

Ht to Borepatch for pointing me to the video and Green Mountains Homesteading for their brilliance.

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Pink Avalanche

My house was built by hicks. Nothing wrong with that. It is inhabited by one. Maintenance and repair of that which hicks have built is neither science nor art.  It is a no-rules death match against catastrophic failure, creeping decay, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

It’s a glorious snowy Christmas.  One of my favorite seasons. I tried to write a glowing Christmas post.  Alas, I couldn’t pull it off.  I’m not religious enough to quote uplifting scripture.  I’m too Curmudgeonly to write a sunny Hallmark … Continue reading

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So Long To Ya’ 2010!

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It’s Officially Winter

Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about may need to review the unassailable logic behind my verdict but the fact is clear…it’s officially winter! Trucks have broken though in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I’d like to congratulate State … Continue reading

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Ethics And Taxes

I’ve already written about the craptacular “tax compromise” but I decided to check the history leading up to the current mess.  Back in 2008 Obama wasn’t interested in extending the Bush Tax cuts: Obama has no plans to extend the … Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: Adolf Busch

Adolf Busch is said to have been one of the greatest German violinists of the 20th century. (I’m accepting that fact as a given since I can’t personally evaluate any violinist of any century.) Mr. Busch was a successful and … Continue reading

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After Careful Consideration They’ve Decided To Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

“When you get to a fork in the road, take it.” Never underestimate a politician’s ability to ignore the obvious. We’ve got an overwhelming soul crushing debit hanging over our head like the sword of Damocles and both sides have … Continue reading

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Detecting Seasonal Changes By Observing Local Fauna

Despite what you’ve been told, we here in the north do experience summer. Summer is when the water in the lakes gets all soft and mushy. Since summertime lakes won’t support trucks and snowmobiles I’m forced into alternative activities like … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable Lightness Of Kicking Jackasses To The Curb

Decades ago a long distance telephone provider jerked me around. Rather than name a specific company I’ll refer to them as “Jackasses”.  Before moving overseas I requested a final bill to close out my account and paid it. “Jackasses” sent … Continue reading

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