The Shafted: Philip Ransome

Philip Ransome is  law abiding citizen.  His van backfired.

When this van acted uppity, the Kansas City cops put a cap in it's ass. Is this the vehicular version of a no knock raid at the wrong address? Or just the high quality police work we've grown to expect from America's finest?

A neighbor (reasonably) thought it was a gunshot and (reasonably) called the police.  The police (unreasonably) decided to re-enact an action movie.  Fortunately the only fatality was the van.

Kansan City’s finest did the following:

  1. Shot the van.  Because…uh…it was resisting arrest?
  2. Shot their own windows out of their own cruiser.  Brilliant tactical move!
  3. Didn’t notice Mr. Ransome, unarmed and terrified, standing next to his van yelling at the police that he was not shooting.

Fortunately the police could barely hit the van and Mr. Ransome (being smaller than a van) was unharmed. If I made it up you wouldn’t believe me.  If I saw it on TV it would be the Simpsons.

Mr. Ransome, who was innocently driving a van and got the A-Team treatment, is hereby added to my list of the Shafted.

Hat tip to View From The Porch for this heartening story of Kansas City’s professional and highly trained police officers.  Additional hat tip to The Ultimate Answer to Kings who added my favorite DEA video to his commentary about the event.  Click here to see it on the Kansas City Star because there’s no point in believing such galactic incompetence without second source verification.  (Note: View From The Porch and The Ultimate Answer to Kings have been added to my blogroll.)

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