Too Late For Thanksgiving / It’s Gonna’ Be Alright

In case you’re wondering why I’m posting cartoons, hunting stories, and poetry, it’s because I’m trying to avoid taking it all too seriously. Getting pulled down in the political mire right now is a bad idea.

The press and liberals (but I repeat myself) are in week #3 of crapping their pants after an election cycle of concentrated asshattery. That’s just too much stupid for one universe. I don’t want to add to it lest the whole thing folds in on itself and form a white dwarf cinder core of inescapable dumbass and I feel guilty for contributing. (If it happens without me that’s not my problem.)

Like any sane person, I’m enjoying their meltdown (because schadenfreude is delicious) but I’m also hoping time and cold weather will bring most of the nitwits back to their senses. When January 20th rolls around and they’re not all herded into cattle cars by Cheeto Jesus maybe they’ll be ready to crawl off their fainting couch? One can hope. If they weep constantly for four or eight years it’s going to be unbearable.

In the meantime lets all try to keep it light while half the nation digests and excretes the propaganda that was shoved down their throat. Nobody likes finding out they were totally full of shit. Go hug a hippie and tell ’em it’s going to be OK. (Of course, you’re welcome to kick ’em in the nuts after that ’cause grown ups don’t need a hug after an election. Your call.)


P.S. Perhaps it’s time to explain where Bart went. I’ve been too busy so far but if the freaks don’t calm down or recount maneuvering gets serious I’ll make time. Satire is the least disruptive cure to a world where half the populace is hyperventilating.

Hat tip to Blue’s Blog.

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1 Response to Too Late For Thanksgiving / It’s Gonna’ Be Alright

  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    “If they weep constantly for four or eight years it’s going to be unbearable.”
    No, AC, that’s a feature, not a bug. Sure, we have to listen to the whiny little children–well, actually, no. I don’t know any, I don’t watch TV, & every radio I own has switches to allow me to get rid of them. My computer is a mouse-click away from a site on which I don’t have to look at them.
    It’s even good from their viewpoint, if they look at it correctly: they’re always telling us we need to conserve water (spite is why K & I take long showers together–yeah, that’s the reason, not the wet, glistening curve of her ass, not–oops. Sorry.)
    Back on topic, all those liberal tears will replenish Earth’s, I mean Gaia’s, supply of water, once filtered through the nice, clean, organic, environmentally-friendly dirt. It’s already filtering the results of them shitting themselves on election night.

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