AMC Gremlin

[Mrs. Curmudgeon wonders how I can hate a car as much as I flake out over the AMC Gremlin. All I can say is she never rode in one. (A commenter Rickrolled me with one once. Well played!)]

For some reason the AMC Gremlin is not in most people’s minds as an atrocity. I can’t fathom why. They’re wrong… it’s definitely a wheeled abomination.

I’ve mentioned the AMC Gremlin before. You might be interested in the totally true story below:

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6 Responses to AMC Gremlin

  1. Call T. Don says:

    I’m with you…..they are UuuuGLeeee. Of course the Pacer drops right into second place. And did they actually pay people to “design” these things???? If they were full of fuel and $20 a dozen they would be too much.

  2. Kurt says:

    Oh, come now…

    It was a favorite pastime on the AF base where my father was posted back in the ’70s to replace the engine in a Gremlin with a Chev V8 and take it to the strip for racing.

    Very amusing, and they surely burnt rubber appallingly well…


  3. I once had a 69 dodge dart. It was ugly in a way. loved that sucker though. quietest car I ever had. Had to get rid of the three on the tree and put it on the floor. I also repainted it a dark forest green and redid the interior to a nice dark mahogany color.
    I did say I loved that thing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I drove a Gremlin for 22 years before I gave it away. It was my only wood hauler for two cold Kansas winters.
    Pussies like yourself use trucks, trailers, etc.

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