Lunar Eclipse

Last night’s lunar eclipse was incredible. All the conditions were right; clear sky, not too cold, bugs were mostly froze out, not much light pollution (a dark night sky is one of the nicest parts of living in the hinterlands), etc…

The Curmudgeon Household happily sat in lawn chairs enjoying the show. Nice way to say goodbye to summer as it winds down.

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3 Responses to Lunar Eclipse

  1. Heath J says:

    Lucky family, that sounds great.

    Bloody clouds ruined it here.

  2. Papa Pig says:

    Did your “lean” cat watch it with his usual leftward tilt? Was Bowling Pin able to enjoy it without suffering from a brown-out? Could you see the spirit of poor ol’ Spike drifting across the surface of the moon during totality?

  3. Robert says:

    The clouds cleared just in time so I forced a couple of homebodies in power wheelchairs to go outside to see the moon. I figured that would last about two minutes; they stayed out for an hour. The next night, Mr. Moon looked like a glowing naval orange just above the horizon. Quite a sight with a strong gin and tonic.

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