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Congratulations Citizens!

Something amazing happened yesterday. Something so sublime, so beautiful, so completely infused with import that it should take your breath away. Do not let that astounding event go unnoticed. A Republican sweep? Not a chance! That will be soon forgotten. … Continue reading

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A Political Party For “Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss” Blues

I’m going to vote this year with all the joy of a condemned man forced to get a root canal en route to a firing squad…who’s just been kicked in the balls…while being chewed by marmots…in the cold pouring rain.  … Continue reading

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This Kid Rocks!

Too often I despair that we’re some of the last few sentient creatures in a culture gone to seed.  (Yes…I’m both arrogant and depressed.  What can I say, every time I start pondering the sanctity of man I go to … Continue reading

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Journalists And The Math That Scares Them

I was in a full fledged personal media blackout over Labor Day.  I highly recommend living under a rock (figuratively).  It’s so much better for the soul! Tragically no man can hide for long and I heard vague rumblings that … Continue reading

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Occam’s Razor Versus Somali Pirates

Occam’s Razor is the principle that among competing theories the simplest one is the most likely.  It’s not rocket science.  For example, when one of my chickens goes missing I could theorize that an uprising of Bolivian peach farmers absconded … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mosque Part Deux

Six days ago I posted what turned out to be a universally unpopular opinion.  It’s my own fault.  I foolishly broached the no-win situation surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque.  You can click here to read it again.  For those of … Continue reading

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There Is Intelligence On The Internet

Not here of course. I’m referring to a blogger who produces actual insightful commentary. Once you’ve discovered I’m full of shit you’re encouraged to check out actual wit at Captain Capitalism. A word about how I found his blog. Several … Continue reading

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