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A Salute To Marines And Vets

November 10th is the birthday of the U.S. Marines. I hope Jarheads worldwide, in active duty and retired, know how much America needs and benefits from their ability to throw down a good old fashioned ass kicking. Thanks to all. Today … Continue reading

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Corruption Niche II

First an editorial note from the Curmudgeon: Events have overtaken me.  Daily politics get overwrought so I try to let the fetid air disperse before commenting. I wrote about “Corruption Niches” well after the trifecta of suck which included “the … Continue reading

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Tax Day: Shake It Off And Come Back Swinging

Even though it’s tax day, today is a good day. Why? Because the creeping monolith hasn’t yet kicked my ass. It probably hasn’t kicked yours either. We’re still here with all of the flag waving, gun clinging, obstreperous, inconvenient, self-actualized, American glory that makes “our betters” cringe. The nation that cured Polio and invented the monster truck isn’t yet a Socialist playpen. So smile dammit! Continue reading

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Phenology Followup: Springtime Gasoline Blovation

Looks like a dozen years of generally earlier onset of “gasoline psychosis”, albeit with a brief remission in 2011. Only time will tell what will happen in 2013 but if trends continue it’ll be somewhere between early April or mid/early March.

Of course, Congress could learn that gasoline, like everything, is subject to market forces. Ha ha ha…I’m just kidding. Bet on an outbreak of cluelessness in April 2013 and you’ll probably have called it a year in advance. Continue reading

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Inflation and Porn

The government is playing games when defining inflation. (In part this is expected. The consumer price index ignores food and energy, which only makes sense for people who don’t eat and ride a mule to work…the zombie Amish?) Continue reading

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Part VIII: COG Personality Traits

Here are the last few bits of wisdom before I go back to bitching about politicians arranging deck chairs on the Titanic and musing about the wonders of wood heat: Continue reading

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Part VII: COG Education, Charity, and Childrearing

COGs are not stupid. They are productive, predictable, and conservative. Some folks associate those traits with “dumb”. That’s a common, but stupid, misinterpretation. Continue reading

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