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Farming: Part 1

I have a homestead. Because it’s a verb that applies precisely in this context, it seemed logical to engage in homesteading. Don’t judge me. What people do on the privacy of their own property is their business. Continue reading

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The Foxinator: Part III

“This will train them to be super killer fox eating monster chickens!” Continue reading

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The Foxinator: Part II

Is it a bad sign that I recognized some of the names of her chickens? I don’t remember the names of people. Sometimes fine people. Upstanding, considerate, fully realized human beings with whom I’ve worked and socialized for years and I’ll forget their name. It’s not that I dislike them. I just…. well I’ve got no excuse. Continue reading

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The Foxinator: Part I

Discussions between Mrs. Curmudgeon and her friends happen on a wavelength I don’t generally hear. I expected to hear nothing and care less. There are certain phrases, however, which catch my attention. Continue reading

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Bread: Is There Nothing It Can’t Do?

Forgive the saccharine writing and enjoy the happy little story. Like many grand accomplishments it started out as a gambit to make a few extra bucks while keeping a bored teenager off the streets. From there it has grown to a full fledged business. I for one am delighted to hear it. Continue reading

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My Bread Machine Is Dead, Long Live My Bread Machine

As I mentioned before; righteous and awesome bread mix engaged my bread machine in combat and defeated it.  Well played! Despite the fact that my late lamented bread machine has gone to appliance heaven I decided to get a replacement. … Continue reading

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Morning Schedule

Get up & start the coffee. While coffee is brewing, go to the barn and turn the chickens loose. Notice a skunk nosing around the woodshed. Shoot the bastard. Pour coffee. Go to work.

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Tractor Yoga

It’s time to practice homesteading Yoga. Step one is to start your tractor. Continue reading

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Chicken Deicing Strategies

Here’s a useful homesteading hint; once a galvanized waterer freezes you’ll tear your spine out trying to bust it open it to chip away the ice and add more water. I have nicknamed galvanized waterers “the spittoons of Satan” and am forwarding my chiropractic bills to the chickens. Continue reading

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Tree Talk

“I am man.” I addressed the tree. “I have an oversized turbo charged simian brain. It has one purpose…to dominate everything. I’m on the top of the food chain because I damn well belong there. I have a powersaw. I have opposable thumbs. My species invented beer, nuclear weapons, and ice hockey. We cannot be defeated. I’m going to find your weakness, I’m going to exploit it, and I’m going to win!” Continue reading

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