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I Have Defeated The Cat Mafia

As I’ve mentioned before, the cat supply is brutally monopolized by a shadowy nefarious group of organizations headed by Bob Barker.  Their evil plan is to make innocent Curmudgeons like me pay for kittens…which everyone knows should be free.  If … Continue reading

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This Is A good Idea…I Wonder How They’ll Screw It Up.

Lets get something straight, I’m an Adaptive Curmudgeon.  Unlike generic Curmudgeons I don’t sit around pining for the “good old days”.  When something new is truly better; I’ll buy it.  In their times I liked Kodachrome, Black and White TV, … Continue reading

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Pinheads With Billboards

On any given day I’m not likely to get an abortion. This is hardly an earth shattering revelation since I am male and lack certain attributes that go with that activity. (If you don’t understand, I’ll have the gym teacher … Continue reading

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