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A Christmas Movie Recommendation You’re Invited To Ignore

I refrain from recommending movies. Partly because most movies are shit. Partly because my taste in cinema, so I’ve been told, is… appalling. That said I’d like to recommend a “Christmas Horror” movie. It’s a Finnish “independent” movie called Rare Exports. Continue reading

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Book Review: Atlas Shrugged Get Over It

I appreciate thoughtful literature. Quit laughing! I may look like an imbecile but it’s (usually) an act. Sadly, deep thought sometimes gets unfairly lumped with dour pretentious preachy sermonizers. I will not abide such asshattery. So, unless it’s superlative, it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dersu The Trapper

Because I know you’re all looking for antiquated Russian adventure stories I’d like to recommend Dersu the Trapper.  For those of you who like Lewis and Clark type adventure I heartily recommend it. This is a book I couldn’t put … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Road

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