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You Didn’t Build That

Hat tip to Garage Logic. Advertisements

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Hey Pass Me A Beer

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Chainsaw Art

From House of Eratosthenes this is just beautiful:

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Breaking Stuff

Delightful mayhem from Dead Man Dance: *Around 1:30 I thought “I’d never let my chainsaw get that sticky”.  I’m just sayin’.

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Take heart in this. The two parties might jointly encourage gutless dependent losers but we’re not merely blank slates and unmolded clay. For every soulless pasty killjoy with a clipboard counting our calories and lecturing about mass transit there’s a opposing maniac howling at the moon and trying to turbocharge his bass boat. We’re free on the inside and we act that way…with all the crazy foolishness that freedom entails. We’re an entirely different people than controllers imagine. Continue reading

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Han Shot First

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

After last year I added a new tradition to our family Christmas celebration. We gather around the inviting glow of the laptop and watch A Very Zombie Holiday. Continue reading

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