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For the rednecks:   For the elitists: Hat tip to Lonevoiceblog and A Large Regular respectively. Advertisements

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Canada Day

For our friends to the north. (It’s a day late but Americans are known for procrastination so it’s OK.)

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This Song Will Never leave Your Head

I’ve always liked The Oatmeal but I had no idea they’d branched out into music videos. (Apparently I live under a rock or something.) My Muse shanked me tipped me off to what I was missing. Warning: It’s entirely unsafe for … Continue reading

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Zombie Christmas

This is the fourth year of a my Festivus Christmas tradition.  We gather around the warm glow of the laptop and watch A Very Zombie Holiday.  It’s a heartwarming classic!

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Ron Is My Hero!

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A Ray Of Freedom’s Sunshine

Quite by accident I stumbled across comedy duo “Hard and Phirm”.  Their delightful song “Not Illegal” has kept me smiling all day! It’s NSFW (audio only) so use those annoying earbuds that came with your last iDevice.  The song lists … Continue reading

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Tommy Emmanuel

Sharp as a Marble discusses uptight gun nuts and ties it to Tommy Emmanuel hammering at a guitar like there’s no tomorrow.  Emmanuel does classical gas like it’s a mission.  First time in months I’ve wished my el-cheapo laptop had … Continue reading

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