ASS A Mental Health Issue For Deep Thinkers

A hearty hat tip to The Silicon Greybeard for this post. For those of you who don’t read Greybeard (you fools!) his is a blog that gazes deeply into the errata of such things as upgrading the Z axis stepper motor of his CNC or how the upper left hole in the bespoke fabricated housing for the apparatus is 0.002″ off center; often followed by an examination of the ramifications of this situation.

I love that sort of shit. In a world where people “just sorta’ feel like it ought to be this way” I can’t get enough of someone building stuff. Keep it up Greybeard; the world needs ya!

“Now it’s time to come forward about my little problem.  Everyone knows there are “fad diseases” that get lots of attention and become big celebrity fund raisers.  Anything that has a ribbon associated with it, from breast cancer to autism. I don’t have one of those.  Everyone has heard of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD.  I don’t have that; I have its opposite, Attention Surplus Syndrome, ASS.

ASS is not as widespread as ADD, and there are no drug treatments for it.  ASS is characterized by paying extreme amounts of attention to things.  ASS sufferers tend to be involved in extremely intricate tasks that, simply stated, require the amount of attention only those with attention surplus can provide.”

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6 Responses to ASS A Mental Health Issue For Deep Thinkers

  1. abnormalist says:

    The most effective treatment I have found for ASS, is BEER Brief Entropy Enhancement Reliever.

    Apply liberally until the attention issues fade into the dark. (temporary relief only, internal use only, do not operate heavy machinery or drive when using this medication, your mileage may vary, void in the states of California, New York, and self awareness)

  2. SiGraybeard says:

    Thanks, AC. It’s always nice to know that the stuff we put up on the ‘net is being appreciated. Sometimes it even seems a little too far in the weeds for me, but I know people can just skip reading and move on to the next blog.

    My wife and I are both rather big fans of your writing. We obviously don’t write on many of the same topics, but your stories are consistently some of the funniest stuff I ever come across. I still have fond thoughts of Bowling Pin Chicken.

    BTW, abnormalist, people with advanced ASS can get so into some obscure subject that they have no interest in BEER.

    • Your kind words were well timed. I spent half the weekend doing background work to migrate my blog to a new host (soon I’ll be at and it’s a PITA. I was thinking “this is work, why the hell am I doing this?”

      Nothing like a compliment to crank up my desire to write again. Thanks.


      P.S. A winter blizzard took out one of our more awesome chickens. I think next spring I need to raise a few freedom ducks.

    • Haverwilde says:

      Yes, but one does need relief sometimes. For that I prefer my medication for ASS. It is WINE (Whiskey Inhibiting Neurological Elixir).

  3. raven says:

    ASS seems to be a common condition among guitar makers, machinists, and EOD guys.

  4. Wyowanderer says:

    Yup, my ASS is manifest in reloading as well. I blame my copies of P.O. Ackley’s two volume set, handed down to me from my dad.

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