We Are Not Alone

I tried mightily to avoid the election day biased media circle jerk (with mixed success). I thought I was the only one. Yet a kindred spirit (link) did the same (without the hunting):

On election day, I went to bed after my personal news black-out.

Just as my counting of election signs led me to vent about propaganda (and more importantly that propaganda hurts!) he has similar observations:

I live in a true alternative universe. It is starting to wear me down.

Go there and read it all. (Hat tip here and here.)

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4 Responses to We Are Not Alone

  1. richardcraver says:

    I didn’t go full news blackout, but I did suspend Facebook, haven’t gone back and probably won’t. Too many of those in my own family had drank the KoolAid down to the last drop, people that live their lives quite conservatively, but hold liberal ‘values’. I still cannot reconcile this.
    Nonetheless I went to bed a 9:00PM, having watched none of the media orgasm for Hillary, and woke refreshed to a day with a brighter future, and went to work; you know that thing the producers in this country do.

    • Have you noticed that about a week after you’re off Facebook you don’t miss it?

      Also the election was three weeks ago and every time I turn on my truck radio NPR sounds like it’s a day before the election. It’s like some weird “Groundhog Day” time loop.

  2. Robert says:

    “a day before the election”
    YES! I was yelling at the car radio this morning “Shaddup about Trump! Enough! Jeez, how about some NEWS?” Didn’t help.

  3. Robert says:

    Went there and read it all. I didn’t really grok most of it but, “buy a gun” and “stay on your meds” are both sage advice.
    Also, a bunch of us Navy types would go vist San Fran on weekends. It was … different.

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