How To Detect Propaganda

I wince as the electorate careens between the Felon and the Hairball. Just as the transition from child to adult is uncomfortable and ugly, so to is a nation’s devolution the other way. Men and women are meant to stand on their own two feet. As they devolve from citizen to subject (or ward) things feel awkward and disturbing. I don’t like the warm sticky embrace of socialism and failure.

People mill about, thinking about the van. It looks scary but the press says there’s candy inside.

Don’t get in the van!!!

Are we mostly being fed bullshit? Sure. Look at propaganda from a distance and it looks silly. That’s one way to tell propaganda, it seems stupid in retrospect:

Vote for me and I’ll give you free gas and pay your mortgage an Obamaphone free college. Well don’t vote for him of course, we’ve already decided and your support will not go to the Hippie but rather the Felon.

Why don’t you deplorables like me? The Russians ate my homework. I’m fit as a fiddle except the pneumonia which I suddenly got two days ago… look I’m hugging a child.

Vote in an irrelevant non-binding preference poll. Well not that way you fools. Even if Cheeto Jesus gets the highest number of primary votes in the history of the party we won’t support your choice. I mean who wants a president that looks like Rodney Dangerfield with a spray on tan? Back in the gimp box with you.

I love America’s freedom so assume the position bitches.

Look… another distraction. It’s a gorilla! No a lion! Holy shit; some dude isn’t kneeling!

This cake is evil and we won’t sell it but you must bake this cake or we’ll ruin you!

Really? Cakes and gorillas?

Forget the headlines and ask yourself; “how is all this unreality playing out in my life?”

Is your job keeping up with inflation? Does you kid come home from school smarter? Observe what you can see in your own world. Are you enjoying the $2,500/year savings you were promised? (Link to YouTube.) If the promises were true you’ve saved fifteen grand by now. What did you buy with it?

Are there real issues? Is the economy steaming along nicely? Do we have riots in the streets every summer? Do terrorists periodically blow up shit?

Right… stories about gorillas and cake.

If someone 50 years removed in time saw the article you’re reading would they think “what kind of dingbat cares about that?” If so, you’re reading propaganda.







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1 Response to How To Detect Propaganda

  1. cspschofield says:

    The thing is, there was a time when everybody with any sense KNEW that the ‘media’ (let’s face it, back then it was all papers) was mostly in the business of selling a point of view. The idiot idea that an ‘unbiased’ media is even possible is one of the most damaging lies the Progressive Left ever sold the public.

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