Lesbian Squirrels: Part 11: Like You Didn’t See This Coming

On August 21, 1957 Russia completed its first successful test of the R-7 launch vehicle new. The ICBM was born. On July 9, 1959 the United States declared that it’s version of the ICBM, an armed Atlas A rocket, was fully operational. Some things are almost unspeakably terrifying but have not been used.

On August 29, 1997 Skynet did not become self-aware. Not all fictional horrors become true.

However, roughly one hour before sunset and 10 minutes after the arrival of Rosso Maglietta, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, the MQ-9 Reaper, cleared the horizon and approached at 300 mph. Edward, impressed by the unique vehicle’s speed and agility watched its approach. His admiration turned to horror when it fired two hellfire air to ground missiles which utterly vaporized the squirrel’s oak tree.

The explosion royally pissed off Mr. Curmudgeon’s dog.

About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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