Lesbian Squirrels: They’re Live: You Can’t Stop The Signal

“You can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.” Mr. Universe

Things get a life of their own. My wife spooks a bear in the backyard and I’m the kind of guy that thinks of it as a saga. Plus, I have an attitude about skunks. So I cranked out the seven part “rest of the story”. It seemed like something that needed writing.

There was more to tell but I assumed nobody wanted to hear it. So I took a week off to bitch about Hillary Clinton (forgive me for the politics, I was weak). Then I was happily cajoled into launching the Lesbian Squirrel Stories. (A genre which, as far as I can tell, never existed until I thought of it.) I’m just about done. There will be two, maybe three, posts to wrap it all up.

My plan was to post the Lesbian Squirrels first for the folks who were super ultra-awesome and hit my tip jar. Then go live to everyone next week, a post a day or so. Ideally by then I’d be sure the story actually had an arc. (It does.)

What didn’t occur to me was that, for most folks, my blog was a half-dozen “you can’t read this” postings. That kinda sucks. Sorry about that.

So despite the plan to wait until Monday and in the meantime finish up everything nice and clean, I’m putting the first one out live today. It’s my schedule, I can ignore it if I want to.

After all “you can’t stop the signal”.

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  1. Easily Amused says:

    Thank you!

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