Google Wrote A Hillary Joke For Me

There is a t-shirt I’d seen. It has the following happy message:

There is no hope.
It's fucked.
Everything is ruined.
All is lost.
We're doomed.
Nothing can save us.
Whatever is done will fail.
There's only misery left.
We're all going to die.

I’d saved a URL with image of the shirt. Literally a simple image of a t-shirt that says “There is no hope. It’s fucked. Etc…”

I wanted to buy that t-shirt but the link I had wasn’t for a store. So I clicked “Search Google for Image”. This is what I got:

This is what Google associates with "It's fucked."

This is what Google associates with “It’s fucked”.

I’m not making this up. Google officially associates “There is no hope” with Hillary Clinton. I can’t disagree. Artificial intelligence has truly arrived and this is its first act?

Incidentally, you can get the real (non-Hillary) shirt on Amazon here. For some reason it’s only available in women’s sizes. Apparently (at least on Amazon) there’s no “There is no hope” t-shirt for men. As a man I find that strangely reassuring.


There’s possibly a typo on the women’s shirt. You’ve been warned.


A men’s version of the shirt is here.

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3 Responses to Google Wrote A Hillary Joke For Me

  1. richardcraver says:

    Can’t find it anymore. Apparently her flying monkeys swooped in and took them all away.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’re all going to die part on the shirt is mispelled. It says “We’re al going to die”

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