Lesbian Squirrels: I Seem To Have Found A Gauntlet Lying On The Ground

OK fine, you win! Enough people hit my tip jar that I cannot avoid the obvious:

The people have spoken and they demand lesbian squirrels!

Please be patient, there’s going to be a small delay while I fold, spindle, and mutilate my brain trying to wordsmith my way out of this one. You may not believe it but I usually write a post long before it goes live. For example, the bear thing hung around for a couple weeks after Mrs. Curmudgeon’s encounter. (And yes, there really was a bear.) So, like fine wine (or Boone’s Farm swigged from a paper bag beside a bridge abutment), the squirrel story must age. (Or possibly ferment?)

In the meantime, the universe shoved a topic up my nose and I cannot ignore it. It’s not my fault. Hillary’s pet Google tried to sell me a “it’s fucked” t-shirt, then she called me a “basket of deplorables”, and stroked out from “ass pneumonia”. (I’d bet my ass it’s not pneumonia.) All this in one weekend? Who can let a moment like that pass unremarked? I’m only human after all. So in the next few posts I’ll dogpile on her and thus “clear the decks”. Don’t worry, I’ve been trying to avoid serious politics for most of the election and there will be no hard-hitting journalism coming from me. I know you’re relieved.

This weekend, I’m going to go looking for my lesbian squirrel muse. What this really means is that I’m going to grab my favorite shotgun, wander around the forest, and look for squirrels. I’m going to invite them to dinner.

The squirrels will happen. I promise. Give me a week and I’ll have it all figured out.

Incidentally, I really do appreciate the tips. Thank you. The lesbian squirrels thank you as well.


About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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1 Response to Lesbian Squirrels: I Seem To Have Found A Gauntlet Lying On The Ground

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about like this?::::::

    I bet yours will be more humorous though.

    “Imagine trying to govern under such a woman who tolerates no dissent, who sees disagreement as disloyalty and who never forgets an injury.”

    “It was a psychological necessity for Hillary to make her power felt by tormenting, harrying and ill-treating people. Her sadomasochistic view of life which had long since blighted every human pleasure, left her with only one source of amusement, and future historians will be forced to recognize that the clinton (Hillary) regime was a constant orgy of scorn and abuse of mankind, collectively and individually. This tendency is also the source of her greatest blunders. Here, her instinct was the slave of her temperament and justified outbursts for which there was no genuine cause.”

    SUBJ: “The Americans have, lately, sacrificed its life and goods for the service of the state; its loyalty and merit have earned it the protection of all its rulers in name only. It is one of the duties of the president to aid these noble people which have become impoverished in order to keep them in possession of their lands; for they are to be regarded as the pedestals and the pillars of the state. In such a state no factions or rebellions need be feared … it is one goal of the policy of this state to preserve the people. This nation cannot survive without a system of justice. Honor and integrity should be for all.”

    “The surest sign not only of the political but of the social divisiveness which is inherent in the internal life of the Federal state, to wit, the passionate hatred of different estates and classes for each other. This antagonism … which places in sharp opposition the jobs of Bureaucrats against the nobility of service and industrious citizens on the other is one of the most significant and darkest characteristics of America today.”

    This divisivenesss has a cause and a reason. A very clear reason. A very murky cause today, but a very clear cause;
    The despotic synod of the would be despot:
    The oligarchs of power.
    The Democrat party today, internally supported by Inquisition courts; externally by millions of volunteer missionaries. Declarations of war, with an intolerance of which since the thirty year war makes rapine and pillage of the pillar of society akin to the fall of Athens.
    Every deviation from it’s maxims is heresy and horror.

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