Bear Encounter: Part 4

After seeing the scary lawnmower, Bart needed to get his courage up again. Unlike Bart, Sammy was always ready for a fight but Bart had full intention outliving Sammy by years and years.Bart wasn’t alone in this. Throughout the forest most woodland creatures pretty much assumed Sammy would be dead by fall.There were monarch butterflies that considered Sammy a short-timer.

To jumpstart his rage circuits, Bart started stomping back and forth in the forest complaining loudly about the unfairness of life. “Those apples belonged to him! Anyone who would destroy Bart’s food was a monster! The dog was a racist! Edward was a racist! Everyone was a racist! He was surrounded by racists who stole his food because they wanted him to starve! They were taking his stuff! It was his stuff because he wanted it!”

Sammy loved it. He scampered around Bart’s feet shouting encouragement. “Dogs suck! People suck! They stole your food! Those racist jackasses deserve to get the ‘stink treatment’!”

The two creatures’ bad attitudes fed off each other. It went for hours. By late afternoon Bart had formulated a chant. He was proud of his chant. He shouted it over and over again. “Bear lives matter! Bear lives matter! Bear lives matter!”

Sammy ran around in circles at Bart’s feet. He didn’t have a chant so much as random sayings: “White dogs are racist!” “They stole the apples!” “I’m gonna’ stink you up!”

The two creatures were so invested in their chanting and screaming that they didn’t realize the lawnmower had been shut down. Nor did they realize that Mr. Curmudgeon had heard the commotion.

Edward eagle watched as the Curmudgeon slipped into the forest. It was already a very interesting day and now this? Outstanding!

The Curmudgeon moved very slowly. Not for the first time, Edward felt sorry for the pathetic creatures on the ground who had to stalk for hours when a decent set of wings would have done them wonders. The Curmudgeon was carrying a rifle with one of those magic tubular things on top. He was also carrying a small backpack.

The Curmudgeon slithered through the forest with excessive caution. Eventually he was 75 yards from the roaring bear and chittering skunk. Interestingly he didn’t point the rifle at the creatures. Instead he reached into his backpack and grabbed an object that look like two of those magic tubular things glued together. Edward shivered, it was disturbing to think that humans might have vision in excess of an eagle! What would they do with such deadly power?

The Curmudgeon observed for nearly an hour. The bear and skunk, getting increasingly angry every moment, had no idea they were being watched.

Edward’s right, someone will get shot in the next post… Stay tuned.

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