Good News From My Blogroll

Claire Wolfe is spreading her wings and moving from her niche at Backwoods Home (an excellent magazine by the way) to a site of her own. As is appropriate for man who frets over the AMC Gremlin, I’m a little late to the party in linking to her fundraising effort. I tossed a few bucks her way at this link and you might want to as well. (Update: like all new construction, the link to her new site seems down. It looked awesome just a few hours ago! I’ll post it when it’s back. Aaaannnd it’s back!)

Law Dog, who can tell a story like no other, has been cajoled into a book deal! I’m ready to buy it now and he hasn’t even started. You might want to go over there and cheer him on.

Captain Capitalism, who has been pretty prolific with the books and has the best consulting firm on earth, has released a new title. If you know anyone in the delicate age between when they know everything (teenager) and when they’ve royally screwed up (barista with a huge student loan and no prospects) you might want to point them to the Captain who’s trying to lead kids out of the trap.

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