New Cat Report: Part 3: Portraiture

Mrs. Curmudgeon drew a picture of Skullcrusher Lord Fluffington.


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I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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10 Responses to New Cat Report: Part 3: Portraiture

  1. pleasae please please name the cat Lord Skullcrusher Fluffington. That name is more epic than all of the 80’s hair bands combined.

  2. Judy says:

    What Derick said. Kudos to Mrs. Curmudgeon for not laughing in part 2, cause I would of. And the portraiture of Lord Skullcrusher Fluffington is quite lovely.

  3. planedoc says:

    man, you are so hosed…when a woman starts to draw pictures of a cat, you have become displaced.

  4. DoninSacto1 says:

    Wonderful picture. Would she consider selling it?

  5. Ray in Kentucky says:

    Your wife’s maiden name van Gogh?

  6. Albert says:

    So has Skullcrusher tasted blood yet?

  7. Tom G. says:

    I had a similar experience, except it was regarding one of our children… I thought that naming them after one of my ancient ancestors would be cool, but the wife wasn’t too keen on my idea. Apparently naming a girl Torvald Skullsplitter isn’t quite as cool as if it was a boy. Personally, I thought it was a bang-up name. It would have made dating time at the house truly epic.

  8. wyowanderer says:

    I sent you an email about swapover to a domain.

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