A Query For Those With Blogger-fu

I avoid paying attention to hit counts but I’m only human. When I get a lot of hits I think “I’m glad I wrote that”. When I get relatively few I think “I ought shut my yap and go shovel snow”. Today’s count is… neither.

WordPress, my benevolent overlord, provides hit counts. Statistic one is how many individuals (or robots?) access the site. Statistic two is how many pages are viewed. Usually there’s a reasonable ratio between the two. Today the number of page views per individual (or robot?!?) is higher than usual. Either I’ve gained a handful of new readers who’ve got endless spare time and a cultlike interest or I’m being “scanned”. Scanned by what?

Could someone in the know tell me what’s going on? Just a comment would do: “NSA is building a case to ship you to Guantanamo”, “the duck has evolved into digital form and is messing with you”, “that happens to real blogs every day and you’re a total noob because you haven’t noticed”, etc…



P.S. Due to computer issues I’m still dinking around with the gutless netbook I resurrected a few posts back. It works but there are drawbacks. The tiny keyboard and screen discourages writing like a rusted Ford Fiesta discourages a two week road trip.

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9 Responses to A Query For Those With Blogger-fu

  1. Joel says:

    “that happens to real blogs every day and you’re a total noob because you haven’t noticed” for the win, although an incorporeal digital duck would also be pretty cool.

    Seriously, I get insomniacs sometimes who lay 300 page views on me before the sun gets over the ridge. I know it’s a sad world where people have that little of use to do, but I tell myself to rejoice for another lucky soul who has found the path to enlightment.

  2. daniel quinn says:

    Sorry about Bowling Pin Chicken.

  3. richardcraver says:

    I have been receiving failed login notices with some regularity the last few days. I suspect that there is a new, yet unknown WordPress vulnerability in the wild. Login failures seem to pick up dramatically just before a WordPress update is released.
    I’m using Limit Login Attempts and get a message after every 4 failed attempts when it locks out logging in for 20 minutes. After 4 consecutive lockouts my admin page is locked out for 24 hours. Admittedly I could be locked out of my own site virtually indefinitely by some miscreant with an axe to grind. If that should happen I’ll get a fresh cup of coffee and go back to watching Hickok45 videos on YouTube.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Maybe you oughta upgrade that “rusted Ford Fiesta” into a Randall 401-XR…

  5. r says:

    Hey, I took a female and assorted baggage on a two week road trip in my well maintained (schedule B that is) Ford Fiesta it was a blast even though the gas in Colorado is sorry (84 octane?) car did well as did female companion (has been hanging around 30+ years incuding 2 kids) that was one of my favorite non Volkswagens ever.

    handled everthing except getting rear ended by a hit and run (car was a foot shorter than factory specs SO saw the debris field and ruled out direct replacement got a Tempo then the minivan arrgh) fond memories of the little Fiesta and it’s later interation the Aspire.

    but I do get your point almost no one does proper maint of the little cars drat!


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